Starting a Ground Breaking Part 107 Company
I am a Part 61 commercial pilot with contacts inside the FAA. I lost my medical to epilepsy so I am starting a Drone company unlike any other that I truly believe will set the standard for how Drone companies should operate and how they communicate with the FAA. I HAVE 100'S of acres to train and facilitate any need located Northwest of DFW just outside bravo airspace. I have certain ideas but could use brilliant minds for help, and pilots/remote pic's are the best and brightest in my opinion. So any ideas, suggestions, or anyone interested in being a part of a company that I believe will be looked at as a model for years to come, please talk to me. Or tell me what you think about the direction I'm headed with this. Thank you all I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Cody j Johnson
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Hi Cody,
How best to start a drone company is a topic worthy of a book, so I'll focus on just one piece of advice and hope you find it valuable: first thing I would do is figure out what mission type(s) you want to fly, and what market(s) you want to serve. Develop a focus, and concentrate your efforts. As for markets and missions, there are a lot of options - cinematogrpahy and photography, inspection, public safety, training... and these are pretty broad categories. Inspection, for one, could include industrial and infrastructure inspection, cell towers, power lines, pipelines, construction sites, or property management. Agriculture is another area, which requires its own set of specialized skills and equipment. You probably want to do a little research on what kind of mission you'll want to fly or market you will want to serve, and start to get a sense of who's hiring, if there's enough demand to make it worthwhile.
Once you have that focus in mind, the rest of the decisions (what kind of equipment to buy and train on, how much insurance coverage to buy, how to market your services) will get a little easier. Good luck, and I hope you'll find the AOPA staff and publications helpful along the way. 
Hi Cody,
I'm a retired criminal investigator who does private investigations work for law firms in the Dallas area, includng investigations using sUAS, and have taught a "What You Need to Know about Part 107" lecture for attorneys.  Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to discuss.

Jeremy Liebbe, MS
Cody - part  61 meownself ( and I have a drone business - I am really good at filming dirt (! I have been at it since 2015 in the DFW area. Feel free to add me to your brain trust (May need a waiver for being an Aggie-Marine-Grunt)! 

Shawn Madden