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Seth Major
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My place of work, a college, is writing a drone policy for employees and students.  Does AOPA or members have suggestions for a template and/or advice about such a drone use policy?  Ther main concerns are safety and priviacy.
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Ronald Levy
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In terms of safety, you might start with the FAA web pages on drones:


...especially the Getting Started and Where to Fly links.  You should seriously consider applying the "Fly for Work" rules to all UAS operations associated with the college, as the safety levels under "Fly for Fun" are extremely low, and might not save the college from liability if there was an incident -- discuss this with the college's General Counsel.

You can also use as a baseline for your safety rules the Safety Code of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (the other AMA):


​On the privacy side, you can start with the Department of Transportation's UAS Privacy Policy and the Presidential Memo on the subject:
...and this, too, probably should be discussed with the school's General Counsel.