DJI Phantom III batteries
I would like a spare battery for my DJI Phantom III standard. If you search the internet battery prices vary from $59.99 to $199.99 with the OEM DJI being the most expensive. Does anyone have experience with non OEM batteies for their DJI drone? Curious if the non OEM "cheaper" batteries are OK to use.
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I have flown a DJI Phantom since it first debuted. The original batteries eventually reached the end of their lifespan. I purchased some Floureon replacements online and have had excellent results with them. 
Mark, I was glad to read your question about batteries as I am researching the best and reasonably priced UAVs to get, but batteries are well-overpriced and we all need to find quality products that are reasonably priced.

I welcome learning where we can get those batteries. 

Right now, I do not own a UAV and I want to welcome folks suggesting the best sites where to buy them.  I will be doing aerial videography for commercial purposes.  Hence, I am working on the REMOTE PILOT Certificate.

A couple of days ago, I started a new forum for the KENTUCKIANA REMOTE PILOTS as I want to encourage folks to begin meeting and learning from one another.

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As you are UAV shopping, check out the offerings from Autel Robotics. First rate customer service, and a lot of drone for the money. I love my XSP, but those are discontinued in favor of the Evo (which is not yet available, I don't think.)