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I have contacted the Forums Help twice via the contact us response.  I was able to log on to the AOPA Main site and the Forums for quite a while then all of a sudden (IOS update probably) and now it requires two separate log ins.  I have changed the Forums log in twice and can log on via my IPad occasionally and never via my MAC.  Very frustrated with the lack of response. 
Question.  Why do the main site and the forums require separate log ins?
Why doesn't anyone in Fredrick reply to requests for help?

I am tired of having to change my log in information all the time.  One log in for everything should be satisfactory.

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Hi Dan, et al.,
the strange loss to the email system is the loss of the REPLY BUTTON that includes the previous notes.  Now the option is just COMPOSE and that starts a fresh new note.  One reason to have made this alteration is that it means less memory storage is needed if folks do not have replies of replies of replies.

The really odd issue is that when a word is misspelled and we right click on the word to see a list of substitute words, it has the "PASTE" feature instead of the list of words.  I have been using computers since 1977.  That feature has been around since at least the middle 1980s, but whoever came up with this operating platform decided to change several features that we have used for decades.

One of the issues holding back most Microsoft users from buying OFFICE 2007 and later versions is the horrible "ribbon" where they took a fully functional OFFICE 2003 and scrabbled around all of the functions and hid the most useful buttons; then to make it worse, they do not allow us to move buttons so that we do not get lost in a maze of poor functionality.

It is similar to re-inventing the wheel and making it square instead of circular or it is similar to those annoying toilet paper dispensers that are poorly functioning in an eliptical pattern. 

Sometimes, we don't need "new features," we need to maintain functionality.  That does not mean we are stagnating.

Daria Knupp
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Thank you Dan and Brennan, we appreciate your feedback. I will share your insights. Please free feel to reach out to me directly at if you have additional feedback in the meantime. Thank you!