Looking for Partners for my Cherokee 6/260 in York, PA (KTHV)
For sale 1/2 or (preferably) 1/3 of a 1973 Piper Cherokee 6/260 located at KTHV (York, PA). I spent about 6 months researching planes to buy and looking for partners to go in with me. I wasn't looking to buy just yet, but this beauty was available, and I just couldn't say no to it. I just can't swing all of the costs by myself.

If you are looking for a great flying plane that you can actually fit 6 adults AND their luggage AND still fill it up with 84 gallons of fuel, this is your bird! Useful load of 1,550 pounds!

Avionics are up to date and top notch!

Message me and we'll talk!



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Just a word of encouragement... I hope this work out for you.  You will never be disappointed in buying a 6. I have a 6/260 and LOVE it.  Attached is a picture of what me and a friend packed for Oshkosh.  It's insane and we still had 200 lbs below MGWT.  Aside from a longer takeoff run she handled and stalled just the same as empty.  I have a real good membership agreement that I used.  I will be glad to send you a copy.

Brian Fox
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How much 1/3 ?