"Midway" movie
Has anyone seen "Midway"? Horrible management and imagry on aviation. Nice CGI, realstic looking Zeros, SBDs, B25s, etc, but that's where it ends

I can sort of go along with some aspects necessary to attract movie audiences, but they overdid it. Dogfight in a winding canyon, like the Star Wars death star scenes; attacking aircraft wing tip to wing tip and 100' in front and behind one another; extreme desnity of tracers and AA detonations; low level Zeros flying at deck level over docked ships at Pearl Harbor; SBDs and other aircraft of that vintage out-flying and often splashing the far superior Zeros, in numbers that were fanciful (who knew the rear gunners were so accurate and effective??); and more.

But somebody wasn't paying attention at all to some very basic flight situations. Three that I recall:  1) No-flap take-offs of the B25s on the Doolittle raid (obiously needed and present in the existing photos -- see attachment). 2) Three or four engine-out scenes wtth no props feathered, e.g. B25s on the Doolittle raid. 3) Flight deck crew moving an SBD (or whatever it was) into take-off position by pushing forward on the rear edge of the elevator. There probably were others I missed.

Also a very poor movie from other aspects. For example, pilots discussing overall strategy of battle they could know nothing about in real time -- perhaps necessary for the majority of viewers who don't know the history, but still very artificial.

Based on the reviews -- which have been mixed but mostly positive -- I was expecting a pretty satisfaying movie. Maybe I just know too much about both aviation and Pacifc WWII history and Midway in particular, but this was a very poor effort, IMHO.
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Apparently I have too much time on my hands, but a bit of trivia regarding the B-25 launch from the Hornet.  Ted Lawson wrote in "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" that he took off WITHOUT flaps.  Probably the one of the best (IMHO) books on  the Battle of Midway is "A Dawn Like Thunder" by Robert J Mrazek.  Also see "Shattered Sword" by Jonathan Parshall.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9rkKtK1b44
Spending a lot of time in my road vehicle I enjoy listening to some of the selections from Audible.  A very enjoyable book on the Midway battle is "Never Call Me a Hero" an auto-biography of Jack "Dusty" Kleiss, a dive bomber pilot who played a significant role in the battle action. A highly recommended read (or listen as the case may be).  Hey Larry, I never get tired of your comments - trivia or not!  Thanks for the recommendations on the books. 
Despite the books statement about the use of flaps it sure looks like Jimmy used near full flaps for the carrier take-offs.
This kind of fundamental for short field t/o operations
(see attached photos)