Internet ride sharing and the Part 91 pilot
Ronald Levy
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The FAA has just reiterated its position about hooking up with paying passengers on the internet unless you hold a Part 135 operating certificate.  Many of you followed the Flytenow path through the Federal courts, where the FAA's long-held position on the issue was affirmed.  Another company recently tried a slightly different approach to that same idea, and the FAA jumped on them quickly.  Anyone thinking about offering expense-shared rides via the internet or other public venues should review the following document which summarizes the FAA's position and provides links to the legal guidance on point.


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 BTW, notice in the letter to Blackbird's attorneys the FAA's intent to get hold of the names of the pilots picking up riders this way.  I certainly wouldn't want my name on such a list, and I don't think there's any "expectation of privacy" when you make a public offer on the internet.