Trying to locate my Cessna
Hi all...I am new here and it was suggested I give this a shot! Back in 1967, I learned to fly in a 1965 Cessna 150F, tail number N8035S, out of Hartford. A short time ago, that number just popped into my head after 50+ years - no idea why. I immediately looked it up and it came back as that aircraft, to my amazement! In any case, I have exhausted pretty much all avenues to actually locate her.. I'd love to see her again, if anyone might know where she is based! I was lucky enough to get some photos of her from the 2nd-to-last owner, but have had zero luck trying to contact the current owner, in Jordan, NY. I am sure she is based somewhere in that area. The last recorded flight was from Endicott to Skaneateles in June of 2018, but thr reg is valid to 2022. Thanks to anyone who might be able to help!



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You are aware of the FAA Tail Number Database correct?

And also aware of the numerous flight tracking websites, one of which shows a flight on August 2018.