Co2 detectors portable or permanent
David Ryan
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looking to add a c02 detector.  I prefer one with both audible and visible alarms.  Do people prefer portables with the need to be replaced/recalibrated every 2 or 3 years and lower cost, or the ones installed that have a longer shelf life.  
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I think you want a CO (carbon monoxide) rather than CO2 (carbon dioxide) detector. My preference, applicable to my situation, is for a portable detector because I fly multiple planes in out club’s fleet. Eventually we will probably have installed detectors as we upgrade avionics. I keep the detector clipped on my flight bag, so it is always with me in the cabin. The cost was slightly over $100, and I’m coming up on the two year date to return it for battery and sensor replacement. 

@David Ryan
I bought one of these battery operated ones. They have both a visual and audio alarm, as well as a 10yr battery life, which is also the life of the sensor, so it is a throw away unit, that should last 10 years. I made a couple of thin aluminum straps to attach to the back mounting holes, and I can wrap those straps around the cage inside my GlaStar aircraft.

Rob Dant
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@David Ryan

I use CO Experts. Measures down to single digits, alarms at 7ppm and last about 7 years. Typical home units alarm at 75ppm, which is too high for aviation use. Dustins’s says 30, which may be acceptable. Search for good Aviation Consumer article on CO Detectors.

Gary Sobek
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I built my EXPERIMENTAL airplane with an in panel CO detector.   It first flew 24-years ago this month.  3 or 4 years later, the sensor no longer worked, I could not get it repaired, and I was unable to find a replacement that would fit in the hole in my panel.  I now use use one of those cheap cards that Aircraft Spruce and Sporty's sell.

I have a Tocsin CO Detector which is portable, or panel mounted most anywhere with Velcro. I typically have my unit attached to my panel with Velcro but sometimes remove it and wear it around my neck with a cord if in a different aircraft.  It is equipped with a battery that lasts 10 years.  It has both light as well as sound when CO level percentages are discovered.  They are relatively inexpensive and the customer service is very good.  Not sure of cost at this point, I have had mine for about two years and remains working well.  It is equipped with a on/off switch as well as a test switch.  Switching it off when not in use will extend the life of the battery.

@Ronald Pickett
I also have the Tocsin Monitor and it does indeed have a 10 year life and the lithium battery is user replaceable, so I’ve got several years of life left in it and will just replace it when it gets too old. I had to go check the info on my unit; was under the impression that it was shorter life. Also, Tocsin responded to my email question regarding sensor life, today. Very prompt.