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Hi all.   I have had a good flying run but have lost interest in flying.   I am having a challenge getting AOPA to not auto-renew my membership on my credit card.   Can anyone give me some help.  

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Please cancel my automatic renewal on the magazine. 

Thank you,

Danny Shields
I have had a great time VFR flying as well as adding the IR rating to my license. Unfortunately I have recently lost interest in flying.

Can you please cancel the auto renewal of my membership?

Many thanks.

PLEASE, it's almost impossible to find the way to cancel.  I'd really not like to pat the automatic payment that's been applied and not interested moving forward.  I'll fight it through my credit card company if that's what's requested, just trying to shed this from me.  Apologies and sorry for the inconvenience.  Mat
Hi Mr. Contreras,
I have forwarded your message along to our Member Services, so they will get you taken care of shortly. 
For reference you can always call us at 800.USA.AOPA or even use our new live chat feature on the website and we will help you with anything you may need.
Ken Daub
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I'm also having a problem canceling my automatic membership renewal on the AOPA website.  Maybe that's how it was set up to be????  I've also left a message with Membership to return my call (and told them why I was calling; maybe another reason not to return my call???).  Anyway, can somebody please help me to cancel my auto renewal/membership as I am no longer flying.
Very disappointed that Aopa tricks members into their autorenewl. At time of sign up I indicated that I did not want it and it still signed me up.... why isn’t there a way to turn it off?