Auto-Renew cancellation & membership
Hello.  I'm trying to find out where to cancel auto-renew and see it nowhere in the Member Account setting on the AOPA website.  Just to update AAR which is not what I want to do.   I want auto-renew cancelled from my account and it just so happened to renew this evening at 8pm and offices don't open until Monday to call.   Need assistance from a Rep to cancel auto-renew and possibly cancel AOPA.  Havent used any services since 2007.
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They removed the self-cancellation & disable auto-renew options with that last website upgrade.  You're only option out now is to call and get a rep.  Easy in, a bit tougher to get out.
Mr Evans – You are correct that we do not have an option to remove the automatic renewal on the website. Our main focus is to ensure that your account is set up exactly as you request, and also set up in a way that will allow AOPA to provide you with the information and services that will best serve you in your aviation activities. In regards to the Automatic Renewal, most members choose to have all their services renew automatically each year to eliminate any interruption in service/protection, however some members choose to have only select services on auto renewal. Given the number of configurations a membership can have, and that we provide Legal and Medical assistance where having or not having the service could possibly affect the outcome of a situation, working directly with our reps will ensure that your account is configured and setup in a way to serve you best and that includes the automatic renewal. This allows us to ensure that there are no inadvertent lapses in essential coverages that we provide to our members. We certainly don’t like to see any member leave AOPAs ranks and I truly hope that we can earn your membership back in the future. We thank you for your support for all the years you’ve been with us.
Please cancel my membership.  It is not acceptable to allow online membership without a cancellation option.  I have moved out of the US and calling you is expensive and inconvenient.  I do not want to be forced to change my credit card to avoid your charge.