Hangar Lease
I am putting my hangar up for lease with multiple slots in Texas. Does anyone have a template of a lease agreement I can use? Thank You in advance.
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Ronald Levy
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If you're an AOPA Legal Services Plan subscriber, I'm sure you can locate a Texas aviation attorney who can help you with this.  Keep in mind that if you grab a template from another state without having a Texas attorny review and amend it as necessary, there may be serious problems trying to enforce its provisions in Texas.
I used to build and lease hangars for a hedge fund, sorry I don't still have the lease.  A couple things I would suggest, however; make every tenant obtain and keep serviceable, a 5 pound fire extinguisher, very clearly define the space is for aircraft storage (no meth labs, misc. storage, et. al).  Also, you will probably need to review the airport controlling documents about subletting and any stipulations they may have.

Good luck!