Given LPV is dependent receiving sufficient signal strength, is there any way to check if you are able to fly an LPV versus LNAV/VNAV approach at a destination prior commencing an approach and reading your GPS display to see which approach it is?  
This 2012 Flying Magazine article says, “But don’t be surprised if there’s insufficient signal quality to fly to LPV minimums. Along the East and West Coasts of the contiguous 48 states, availability can be as low as 99 percent, meaning that for one out of every 100 attempts, you won’t be able to fly to LPV minimums. But the good news is those outages are very short, usually no more than 15 seconds. So, if you do arrive during one of those outages, you may want to get vectored around to try the approach again. In Alaska, signal availability to fly to LPV minimums is significantly lower.”
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Ronald Levy
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It's signal quality, not strength, but no, you will not get the downgrade message until 60 seconds before the FAF.