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The Air Show is Cleveland’s Labor Day Weekend tradition with three days of aerial thrills featuring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, gravity defying aerobatics, parachuting and more.  BUT THE AIR SHOW IS MORE THAN JUST FANCY FLYING, inside the gates fans can witness Shockwave Jet Truck race a ...

Date & Time
09/04/2021 9:00am EDT
1501 North Marginal Road
Cleveland, OH 44114
United States

U.S. Army Golden Knights - Randy Ball Mig 17 - Matt Younkin Airshows Beech 18 - Gunfighter P-51 - Adam Baker Airshows - Brian Correll Airshows - Acemaker Airshows - Rifle Airshows - DWTA Helicopter Rides - Erik Edgren Airshows - Aftershock Jet Truck - P-51 Rides - Night Airshow

Date & Time
9047 - 6th St.
Great Bend, KS 67530
United States

The 14th Annual OU Aviation Festival is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 2  *Subject to OU campus pandemic rules/restriction policies (see OU airport web site within) Our standard annual exhibits are planned however, set up most likely will be different based upon state of Pandemic at the time and ...

Date & Time
10/02/2021 9:00am CDT
1700 Lexington
Norman, OK 73069
United States

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Try it You'll Like it - The SSSytem - a  poor man's Air Navigation system: 

Get your students involved in my very LOW TECH pilot navigation system. I call it the SIMPLE SIX ( 6 ) Minute NAV System a.k.a. The SSSYSTEM  Six ( 6 ) minutes is ten percent of an hour therefore  10% ground speed ....is how much land will pass under your wing in 6 minutes. Example at 120 ground speed x 10% = 12 miles in 6 minutes or 2 miles every one minute... then ask the student to start judging distances on the ground ... to turn points, lakes, rivers, airports, towers... inflight visibility...using the clock and 

the SSSystem which also applies to fuel flow, glide distances...  

Note - I was amazed how fast and how good - accurate my student pilots were ...

Fly in fast or fly in slow, fly in high or fly in low-come enjoy a great breakfast and fun with our club!
I just watched the webinar "VFR unleashed 500 nm with Chris Eads."  I am unable to locate the AOPA Passport badge for November as mentioned in the webinar.  Help?
Please visit wingsrealityedu.com for a complete list of WINGs webinars, aviation ground schools, and more!
Hi Steve, thought I'd sit in the back and heckle you...   ;)  Elliott  
Same for me, please send the link thanks
There were some technical issues when I tried to join, is there a replay?? Paul Straub pstraub@us.ibm.com
This event is being postponed due to Covid-19. Please check back for further details including a new date.