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Mark your calendars and join us for the endangered Hayward Air Rally , May 19-20, 2023, from Hayward, CA. Registration opens in mid-February. For more information visit and sign up for updates.

Date & Time
02/06/2023 12:30am EST
20301 Skywest Dr.
Hayward, CA 94541
United States

Please join us for the 59th Annual Hayward Air Rally in Hayward, CA, the longest running air rally in North America! Pilots can practice their flight planning, navigation and pilotage skills, while forming lasting bonds with a great group of people. Open to pilots of any experience level, in ...

Date & Time
20301 Skywest Dr.
Hayward, CA 94541
United States

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Dr. Cade is a wealth of information on weather. Be sure to tune in for an excellent presentation

This webinar will be an educational and enjoyable event. Having attended several Paul New webinars for Cessna owners, I and have found them to be excellent.  I will be flying our 182RG to Paul's airport in Jackson, TN where we are doing the webinar.  Looking forward to Paul closely looking over the airplane for the educational benefit of attendees .  If you have questions about the webinar just let me know.                                                                             - Scott Sellers

Corl Leach Corl Leach Apr '22

Great news … Columbia Jet Center will be offering a discount on 100LL purchases and waive the normal ramp fees for all event participants!

Mar '22

Coinbase Pro customer support Number +(1877-544-2O85) helpline number


Career Forum at the Northwest Aviation Conference.  See below for details.

New concepts on the aerodynamics of turns. very informative.

Try it You'll Like it - The SSSytem - a  poor man's Air Navigation system: 

Get your students involved in my very LOW TECH pilot navigation system. I call it the SIMPLE SIX ( 6 ) Minute NAV System a.k.a. The SSSYSTEM  Six ( 6 ) minutes is ten percent of an hour therefore  10% ground speed how much land will pass under your wing in 6 minutes. Example at 120 ground speed x 10% = 12 miles in 6 minutes or 2 miles every one minute... then ask the student to start judging distances on the ground ... to turn points, lakes, rivers, airports, towers... inflight visibility...using the clock and 

the SSSystem which also applies to fuel flow, glide distances...  

Note - I was amazed how fast and how good - accurate my student pilots were ...