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  • This group is for Networking of current, past and future plots of all models.
  • This group is for anyone who likes Aircraft models, possess a model of their aircraft, makes airplane models, collects models or all anything model related.  If you own both any Aircraft and have a replica of your aircraft , please share...
    • Group Owner: Herman Bongco
    • Created: Oct 29 at 7:10pm EDT
    • 4 Members
    • Public
  • If you own a Maule you know what great airplanes they are.  Join this group to share your thoughts and adventures with your Maule.

    • Group Owner: Steven Devine
    • Created: May 20 at 9:27pm EDT
    • 1 Member
    • Private
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Certificated Flight Instructors

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Education and Safety

  • A group consisiting of attorneys and/or pilots, and/or anyone interested in aviation law. Designed to facilate the learning, knowledge and understanding of aviation law. A group designed to promote and enhance aviation safety for t...
  • I am slowly researching and writing an AVIATION POETRY BOOK that will include non-religious templates/ideas for funerals and memorials.  I would love to hear if your friends/family did anything special for "aviation memorials" whe...
  • This group will discuss normal and abnormal patterns in digital engine monitor data from Garmin, JPI, Dynon, EI, Insight, Avidyne, GRT, and others. Do you know how to spot a clogged injector? Or a weak spark plug? When something looks wr...
    • Group Owner: L. Godfrey
    • Created: Apr 17 at 5:51pm
    • 10 Members
    • Public
  • Saludos desde Guatemala
  • A place to share and acquire information about learning to fly.
    • Group Owner: James Kuhl
    • Created: Jul 27 at 2:59pm
    • 130 Members
    • Public
  • A place where veterans can reach out to other veterans to share stories or to help out another veteran.
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Flying Clubs

  • North Texas Pilots of AOPA - discuss flying clubs, women in aviation, careers, instruction, etc.
  • The FAA Flying Club, Washington, DC, was organized in 1962 “ a nonprofit corporation in order to stimulate and encourage interest in aviation, to advance the knowledge of its members in aviation and aviation related subjects, to...
  • A place for those who fly gyroplanes or gyrocopters to share their experiences.  
    • Group Owner: Raul Salazar
    • Created: May 13 at 8:28pm
    • 20 Members
    • Public
  • Every flying club wants to buy a first airplane, or add an airplane to the club. How did your club manage that task? 
  • Group for Indiana aviators to connect and share their interests. 
  • Want to go places in a hurry? This might be for you. Possible airplanes are Comanche 260, Bonanza, Mooney M 20J, and Bellanca Viking. The club will be an LLC. Approximate membership acquisition cost $15000. Looking for 4 -5 members to sh...
    • Group Owner: John Houser
    • Created: Dec 13 at 9:59am
    • 1 Member
    • Public
  • A group for students, faculty, and alumni of Middle Tennessee State University's Aerospace Program. All are welcome!

    ***NOTE: This is not an official group of Middle Tennessee State Univserity, simply a gathering place for those tha...
  • Official Group for the Nate Abel Flying Club. Nate Abel Flying Club is a 501(c)(3) education-based flying club created in memory of Nate Abel (1974-2013) that is located at Hicks Airfield T67 Texas. We have a PayPal for convenient tax de...
    • Group Owner: Tyler Barry
    • Created: May 19 at 3:04pm
    • 5 Members
    • Public
  • If you fly in the Atlanta area or anywhere in the state of Georgia, welcome aboard!
    • Group Owner: Jameil John
    • Created: Dec 27 at 3:40pm
    • 3 Members
    • Private
  • We are a new established flying club based at KPNM in Central Minnesota. Our goal is to assits other in thier quest for flight!
    • Group Owner: John Sautter
    • Created: Jul 15 at 12:25pm
    • 1 Member
    • Private
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High School Programs

  • This group will be for high schools involved with the AOPA High School Aviation Initiative.
    • Group Owner: Erik Yates
    • Created: Apr 29 at 2:03pm
    • 84 Members
    • Public
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Type Clubs

  • A place for those who fly Beechcraft to share and connect through their flying experiences! 
  • All things canard. I know EAA has something similar, but I know some of you may be interested in getting something started here. I'm really interested in long distance canards that can cruise 200kts TAS and over 1800SM distances and FL20...
  • A place for those who fly Cessna aircraft to share and connect!
    • Group Owner: SWC Admin
    • Created: Dec 5 at 9:21pm
    • 353 Members
    • Public
  • A place for those who fly Cirrus aircraft to share and connect!
    • Group Owner: George Brown
    • Created: Dec 5 at 9:22pm
    • 93 Members
    • Public
  • Pilots, owners, and aficionados of the Grumman-American line of light aircraft, including the AA-1 series, AA/AG-5 series, and GA-7.
    • Group Owner: Ronald Levy
    • Created: Jun 12 at 11:41am
    • 59 Members
    • Public
  • A place for those who fly helicopters to share their experiences.  
  • Discussions and information for Aviat Husky Owners, Pilots and anyone interested in flying or owning the Aviat Husky
  • Area dedicated to questions, comments and news of events related to aviation in Louisiana.
  • A place for those who fly Mooney aircraft to share and connect!
  • Group dedicated to Mustang Aeronautics aircraft, the David Long designed M1 Midget Mustang and the Robert Bushby designed MII Mustang. 
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Women Aviators

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