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  • A group consisiting of attorneys and/or pilots, and/or anyone interested in aviation law. Designed to facilate the learning, knowledge and understanding of aviation law. A group designed to promote and enhance aviation safety for the aviation community and the general public and also to assist in the just development of aviation law.
  • I am slowly researching and writing an AVIATION POETRY BOOK that will include non-religious templates/ideas for funerals and memorials.  I would love to hear if your friends/family did anything special for "aviation memorials" when the various members passed away.  I want to include content for all aspects of aviation/aerospace/astronautics and the book will include content for pilots, flight attendants, ground crew, and even non-pilots that just loved aviatio...
  • This group will discuss normal and abnormal patterns in digital engine monitor data from Garmin, JPI, Dynon, EI, Insight, Avidyne, GRT, and others. Do you know how to spot a clogged injector? Or a weak spark plug? When something looks wrong, do you automatically divert to the nearest airport, or can you use other information to validate or dismiss what you’re seeing? Let’s make this group about piston engines on airplanes and helicopters - maybe we’ll start one for turbin...
  • Saludos desde Guatemala
  • A place to share and acquire information about learning to fly.
  • A place where veterans can reach out to other veterans to share stories or to help out another veteran.
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