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Kentuckiana (Kentucky and So. Indiana) Remote Pilots is inclusive of Student Pilots pursuing the REMOTE PILOT CERTIFICATE and those REMOTE PILOTS who already accomplished the rating.  This group seeks to bridge the gap between the desire to learn the skills for this rating as efficiently/affordably as possible.  As aviation is rather expensive, we need to ensure that members can learn about the positive learning experiences to directly navigate their way to a completed FAA REMOTE PILOT CERTIFICATE without being milked or mistreated at (allegedly) fly-by-night flight schools.  If there are quality flight schools for REMOTE PILOT, then we need to hear about those quality schools so that we can support and champion them.

The FAA has many FREE resources for the REMOTE PILOT on:

Let's talk about the abbreviations:
1. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
2. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Systems)

These terms are the proper terminology, but countless members of the media and other folks believe (incorrectly) that the term "drone" is freely applied to all UAVs/UASs and that only shows their ignorance for the topic.  You are respectfully asked to use the abbreviations or written out terms for UAV/UAS.

Various spots in the Greater Louisville area, Also known as the other "L.A.", Louisville, KY, United States

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Brennan Callan 6567
I wanted to let you know that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has free webinars and some of them deal with the topic of REMOTE PILOTING and "small Unmanned Aerial Systems" (sUAS).

If you watch previous webinars (on-demand), ...
Brennan Callan Feb '19
Brennan Callan 6567
Hi everyone,
I am happy to say that I took and prevailed to pass the REMOTE PILOT test on Saturday, 23 Feb 2019.

I encourage everyone to study hard because they often ask for the "best answer" even though none of the three sound like the "right answer."

Have all of you taken your test yet?  Are you just ...
Brennan Callan Feb '19
Brennan Callan 6567
Hi Remote Pilots,
as of 25 Feb 2019, we all must have our Tail Number on the outside of sUAS.  One method you can use is to get someone with a label maker to put your Tail Number on there.  It can be done with a permanent marker too.  The problem was that the various agencies are paranoid about someone ...
Brennan Callan Mar '19
Brennan Callan 6567
Hi everyone,
I visited a hobby store today and picked up this flyer about the "Wings For Kids Radio Controlled Airshow" in Louisville, KY--Tom Sawyer State Park:

Saturday, 2 June 2018, 1000-1700 EDT

Sunday, 3 June 2018, 1100-1500 EDT

Enter off Hurstbourne Parkway, 1/10 mile south of Westport ...
Brennan Callan May '18

Group News

This group is starting because there is a strong need for networking within the aviation community.  As REMOTE PILOTING is rather expensive, then I want to help folks in the Kentuckiana region to find one another and eventually to have us meeting to teach one another valuable skills; to show off your equipment and help one another either to decide what is valuable for them to buy or build; or what types of equipment to avoid.  This list is starting 15 May 2018 and before we might set any dates/times/locations to meet, it was important to start this discussion topic and build our group online first.

Kentucky has more high schools with aviation programs than the rest of the states and we can be proud of that fact.  Furthermore, we the largest area of our export economy from the aviation/aerospace industry.  Therefore, REMOTE PILOTING is a newer field that can generate even more revenue for Kentucky businesses.

If you are thinking about REMOTE PILOTING, please be aware it requires professionalism just as other types of aviation.  This is why we can positively inspire one another to attend seminars, fly-ins, webinars, join clubs, and attend training sessions.

The use of the earliest UAVs/UASs goes back at least to WWII, but the modern electronics have made the newest UAVs/UASs both much smaller and more capable than in decades past.

1. Where are you flying?
2. Have you earned your REMOTE PILOT CERTIFICATE yet?
3. Would you be willing to show others your equipment and impart your skills?
4. Do you belong to any of the nationally recognized model clubs?
5. Do you visit any of the 126 Metro Louisville Parks to fly?
6. Do you fly at Scottsburg, IND (Scottsburg Airport):
or another southern Indiana airport?  Scottsburg welcomes Light Sport Aviation and Radio Controlled planes.
7. Do you fly at the Tom Sawyer Remote Controlled Airport?
8. Do you live in a nearby county that has few good places for remote piloting?
9. Have you started a UAV/UAS related business?
10. What are your plans for using your Remote Pilot Rating?

These are just a few good questions to begin a group dialog. 
Best wishes,
Aeronautical Scientist

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