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I am slowly researching and writing an AVIATION POETRY BOOK that will include non-religious templates/ideas for funerals and memorials.  I would love to hear if your friends/family did anything special for "aviation memorials" when the various members passed away.  I want to include content for all aspects of aviation/aerospace/astronautics and the book will include content for pilots, flight attendants, ground crew, and even non-pilots that just loved aviation.

Once someone passes away, it is not always easy to be creative to put on a memorial, so I am researching and writing a book to do that.  I will be welcoming involving other (non-religious) content from other authors as long as I can get written permission to use their work in my book.  The book will attempt to include ideas of rituals used by pilots from WWI to the present and I welcome the content from other nations too.

I plan on including songs, poetry, decorating ideas, give-away keepsakes for funeral attendees, and other aspects/ideas of how memorials can be positive, fun, and memorable.

Hon. Brennan James Callan, Col.
Aeronautical Scientist / Certified Underwater Archaeologist / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer
United States

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This is a new group that seeks to share ideas, information, and content that can be helpful for non-religious memorials/funerals/celebrations of life/gatherings, after the passing of someone who loved aviation/aerospace/astronautics.  My goal and hope is to create a collection of materials and ideas that can be helpful to those seeking to put on memorials in the future.  Finding creative ideas when dealing with a tragic loss is never an easy time to be creative.  Therefore, having a book to deal with these topics and issues ahead of time is my idea.

My pursuit is to absolutely avoiding any religious content.  If people want to sprinkle their religion into my non-religious book, that will be their business.  To make the book as broadly accepted as possible, I am not putting any content that is specific to any flavor of religion.

My research includes what are airports, communities, and various groups doing in the event of a major air disaster too.

The goal of this group is to discuss what ideas have been used over the 200+ years of aviation (including hot air balloons which dates back much further). 

Best wishes,
Hon. Brennan J. Callan, Col.
Aeronautical Scientist / Certified Underwater Archaeologist

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