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Want to go places in a hurry? This might be for you. Possible airplanes are Comanche 260, Bonanza, Mooney M 20J, and Bellanca Viking. The club will be an LLC. Approximate membership acquisition cost $15000. Looking for 4 -5 members to share one airplane depending on the amount of projected flying. Club finances will be set up so an exit from the club, if desired, will be financed by the club. So no waiting for somebody else to come and acquire your membership. Flying time will be billed at approximately $178 per hour wet to accommodate variable expenses. This is the best guess to include the following reserves:
Fuel $85
Engine overhaul reserve (starting with a mid time engine) $42
Airframe Maint. reserve $30 (includes 100 hr/annual)
Avionics acquisition reserve $15
Paint reserve $5
Interior reserve $1
With these reserves, we can always have a 1st class, well maintained, attractive IFR airplane that has updated avionics.
Annual fixed expenses are estimated at $7500 ($1500-$1875 each member) to include hanger, insurance, and aircraft miscellaneous which might include Foreflight or Sirius weather subscriptions.  Email if interested.
lubbock, , Texas 79424,

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