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This group will discuss normal and abnormal patterns in digital engine monitor data from Garmin, JPI, Dynon, EI, Insight, Avidyne, GRT, and others. Do you know how to spot a clogged injector? Or a weak spark plug? When something looks wrong, do you automatically divert to the nearest airport, or can you use other information to validate or dismiss what you’re seeing? Let’s make this group about piston engines on airplanes and helicopters - maybe we’ll start one for turbines later on.


Leucadia, CA 92024, United States

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L. Godfrey 8070
I'll be presenting for an hour at the Oct 23rd FAAST meeting in the admin building at Palomar - north of San Diego. 

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L. Godfrey 8070
Here's data from a 1hr flight with two takeoffs. What - if anything - concerns you about this data? Let's say there's an oil change coming up and the airplane will be in the shop. Would you ask the shop to look at anything beyond changing the oil and filter ? 
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