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A place for those who fly Cessna aircraft to share and connect!

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Dan Gray 2694
The day has finally come for my 1979 172N to transition into the new era. The ADS-B mandate was the catalyst, but the offerings were too good to pass up. So it's time to say goodbye to the King stack and bring in the Garmin touchscreens. I'll eventually replace the 6-pack with the G500 as well, which ...
Dan Gray Aug '17
How did the transition to all glass work for you?

I have a '69 182 that we are thinking about upgrading.
Servant Air Ministries Inc. of Merritt Island Fl has a 172M that we updated our panel for ADS-B and we love it. ...
Ralph Benjamin 2030
I have an eratic fuel sender on the left fuel tank of my 1999 182S.the gauge will swing full deflection weather the tank is full or not.this happens often but will read correctly most of the time.When the gauge swings to empty, I will get a low fuel annunceator light even though I know that the tank is ...
Ralph Benjamin Feb '18

You might want to check into CiES. I believe they can sell you a sender that works with your existing gage, ...

I have never trusted my Cessna fuel gauges except when on FULL and EMPTY. They seem to be notoriously ...
James Russell 1313
looking for 1970 or better 172  budget 50k
James Russell Jun '18
John Mason 10392 John Mason Jun '19
Any luck?
Kathy Mullins 1032
Hello everyone!  I love all Cessnas from the 150 on up to the Citation.  Awesome aircraft, one and all.  But my big soft spot in the heart is with flying piston twin Cessnas.  I have previous time in the Cessna 310 and the 402.  My dream airplane to own is a Cessna 421.  I am just getting back into ...
Kathy Mullins Jun '17
Jerry Raia 302 Jerry Raia Jun '17
Love Cessnas. Back in a 150 now after 20 +  years. Rust isnt even close to the word I would use! 310 and 340 were my fav :)

150s and 152s bring back great memories of learning to fly.  I loved those aircraft
Jerry Raia 302 Jerry Raia Jun '17
I got my multi ATP in a 310. You are on for that burger :)
Kenneth Carel 847
Can anyone put me in contact with a Cardinal owner in South Texas?   Considering purchasing one based on Internet research, but have never actually seen one. Would like to see one up close before I get serious about pursuing ownership.  Thanks 
Kenneth Carel Jun '17
John Bush 1013 John Bush Jun '17
How far south is South Texas? There are a few Cardinal owners at KRYW, just north of Austin, if you're interested.
I live in Corpus Christi, but could always fly in to KRYW.  My wife is always looking for a reason to visit friends in ...
Kathleen Swain 29
Here is a picture from AOPA's Camarillo Fly In this past weekend of my friend, Mike (Michael Mouat) and his beautiful C172 straight tail! I taught Mike's instructor how to fly years ago. It was so great to meet you at the Fly In and check out your beautiful airplane! 6072bedf5d39e5d226ec2b7863ff49eb-huge-mi
Kathleen Swain May '17
1956 Cessna 172


At Sun-n-Fun


See also:
John Bush 1013 John Bush Jun '17
1965 150E. Flying her to her new owner.
David Roy 88
Happy Birthday!  My little Cessna 140 turned 70 years old today! (05/06/2017)

She just came back from a flight.


AOPA was 8 years old when she was made.


David Roy May '17
I love the window decal!
Jon Shimer 645 Jon Shimer May '17
Such a great Airplane! I miss my C-140 she was the AOPA cover girl June 1985. I do not miss all the polishing.
Happy ...
Robert Boone 6480
Does anyone know the specs of a Continental 4 engine? HP etc.
Robert Boone Jun '18
Ron Brack 1773
Looking for a 1997-2003 Cessna 172SP in good to excellent condition.
In New York area.
Please contact Ron if you know of or have one you would like to sell.

Ron Brack Jul '17
Brian Maccurrach 3663
I have a passenegr window that does not open in this model..Isi t possible retofit an openable window or do you have to buy the whole door in a salvage yard?

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