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A place for those who fly Cirrus aircraft to share and connect!

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George Brown
Here's mine. She was born in 2005. Got a factory make-over a few years ago. 4 blade prop, upgraded interior, WAAS GPS, and DFC90 autopilot.  Great ship!
George Brown Apr '17
Jim Ratley Jim Ratley Apr '17
Jim Ratley Jim Ratley Apr '17

Jim Ratley :

This is our Xi in Ft. Lauderdale on the the way to Exuma a few weeks back. I look forward to being part of ...
This is 12FZ!  2006 SR20
N812EA based at KCXO Conroe TX
Michael Loftin
In the coming months I will be transitioning from the Cessna C152 to a Cirrus SR20 with Avidyne R9 avionics. Aside from the obvious change in instrumentation, what are some notable characteristics of the SR20 should I be aware of?
Michael Loftin Jun '18
I did the transition from a 152 to a 172 (only about 20 hours here), and then on to an SR22.  I've since built about 200 ...
Christopher Jergens
Can anyone vouch for a particular Service Center in the FL, AL area?  I am based out of Defuniak Springs, 54J, in the panhandle of FL.

TLH is the closet but have not heard anything good or bad.  All thoughts welcome.

Thanks in advance

Suggest you check the cirrus owners site ( I'm not a cirrus owner but I would assume you could ...
George Brown
So, what's the longest trip you've taken in your Cirrus?  If not your longest, your favorite.
Mine was 1000nm to my High School class reunion.  It was on my bucket list to fly my personal airplane back to the field where I learned to fly.
Mission accomplished!!  That's where my profile pic was ...
George Brown May '17
My longest trip ever was from Austin, TX to Denver in an old 172. I hand flew it and it was long, slow and boring.  In the ...
Jim Ratley Jim Ratley May '17
Without a doubt, my favorite trip was from Georgetown to Havana, Cuba, and then on to Puerto Rico via the Bahamas. It ...
That's too cool. We've been looking at a Cuba trip.  I'm curious as to fees, etc., and required paperwork. Any ...
No autopilot I assume??
Jim Ratley Jim Ratley May '17
We use Jim Parker from Caribbean Air Adventures to organize the trip. He handled all the logistics and even filed ...
George Brown
Are you going to OSH?  Be sure to check in here with you stories, experiences, pix, etc.  
If this is your first time, remember to print out the NOTAM.  If you plan on flying IFR, be sure to check your destination airport. You may need an arrival slot. If you want an arrival slot, here's the link:
George Brown Jul '17
Brian Orter
Anyone at CMA for the fly in today?  I'll be there tomorrow.  How are the bumps from LA?  It's blowing like crazy in the basin. 
And my bird btw... born b45e85664115c1156dcca37800664275-huge-20
Brian Orter Apr '17
Kenneth Mccalla
I’m looking to purchase a Cirrus SR22 tg3 in the next few weeks to months and would be interested in a partnership at Denver Centennial airport. 
feel free to contact me at
Kenneth Mccalla Nov '18

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