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A place for those who fly Beechcraft to share and connect through their flying experiences! 

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Terry Jones 12745

I am interested in a Duke, to buy.  Researching the airplane and training programs, found no simulator was ever built for this airplane.  SimCom provides ground school on Duke systems but no simulator.  As an alternative, the C421 non-motion simulator is used.  Has anyone used this ...
Terry Jones Jan '20
Mr. Jones,
I'm pleased you are interested in owning/operating a Beechcraft Duke; it is a great airplane, and I'm ...
Kevin Bradford 4066
I realize that there are probably more piston Beechcraft flyers in here, but I wanted to give a shout-out to the turbine drivers as well.

I've been flying this 2004 King Air C90B for the last few years, and to say "I'm loving it!" would be an understatement.

Kevin Bradford Mar '19
As one of those "piston" Beech folks, I think it's excellent to see King Air posters here. Good to see the big ...
Peter Hoffmann 4925
My partner and I are interested in purchasing a Bonanza A36.

​We are both military and unfamiliar with the nuances of buying an aircraft.

​Is there a normal course of action when purchasing a plane?

​We found one we like...we've had the logbooks looked over by someone fmiliar with Bonanza's...

Peter Hoffmann Apr '18
Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Bonanza; as you no doubt realize, they are an incredible ...

    I do Beechcraft Bonanza and Baron acquisitions for people seeking to purchase either one of these ...
    You and/or your partner in the plane need to join the American Bonanza Society.  ...
    John Bert 4620
    Looking for interested pilots to establish a club in a Bonanza based in HWO. 
    J Bert
    John Bert Jan '18
    You might reach out to the SE Bonanza Society to see if any of their members know of anyone looking to get into a club ...
    John Bert 4620 John Bert Jan '18
    Looking for interest in starting a Bonanza club or partnership in HWO.
    Alvin Finkbeiner 3993
    Any thoughts?
    Congrats on that. Any Bonanza ride is a treat. Post a photo if you have it. They are lovely and well-built airplanes.

    Thomas Haines 364
    I've owned my 1972 A36 Bonanza since August 1999, bought it at Brackett Field outside LA and flew it home to Frederick, Maryland, over two days, including a dramatic excursion over the Grand Canyon--a must-do for all GA pilots. The trip home, with my non-pilot dad, is one I will never forget. What ...
    Thomas Haines May '17
    Thomas Haines 364
    I'm getting occasional erratic indications on the top two engine gauges in this cluster. Cylinder Head Temp and Oil Temp. Anyone else experienced that and suggested first steps for troubleshooting?  8d07dd93baf373bb26a7d02aa6748beb-huge-im
    Thomas Haines May '17

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