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A place for those who fly Piper aircraft to share and connect!

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Ravinder Dhiman
I have a PA28-140 and am looking for a good A&P for annuals/maintenance that has some good experience with my make/model. 

Thank you in advance and safe flying
Ravinder Dhiman May '20
Steven Menzies
These two pictures show the correct way to have these connections installed. The right side had been installed incorrectly and the person  who did this had to add extra washers to make it fit. This was missed from a previous annual by another mechanic. You have to trust that these mechanics are ...
Steven Menzies Nov '19
thank you for sharing! 
I am interested in purchasing one or the other Saratuga II TC or early Malibu and Malibu mirages to 1995, but I can't  make my mind, any owners only that have had these that can give feedbacks, pros, cons. I already know about cost of operations so please no feed back about cost of operations. ...
Kurt Johnson
Any suggestions on fixing a stuck fuel drain.  Can't get a drop out of it.
Kurt Johnson May '18
J Killian J Killian May '18
That is better than one that will not stop dripping or running.  I replaced both of my drains this last year.  I ...
Replaced them.  But afterwards I took the old ones and soaked them in Hoppes No 9 Gun cleaning solvent.  Look brand ...
J Killian J Killian May '18
Great Tip - wish I had thought of that!  Happy Flying!
Unless it was something simple like foreign matter stuck in the drain I wouldn't bother with trying to clean it and ...
Darrell Holmes
I am looking to purchase my first airplane and the Comanche 250 seems to be a good pic.  t will be used mainly for pleasure but also some business trips up Northern CA. from SOCA.  and possibly Washington.  The years I am looking at are 1964,1965 or so at around $70,000.  Any thoughts on the is ...
Darrell Holmes Sep '18
Make some phone calls to some of the insurance companies and see what they would charge versus an Arrow.  I ...
Emmons thanks for the in site, very helpful. Darrell Holmes Chino Hills CA.
Benjamin Wilver
Do you like it?
Benjamin Wilver Mar '17
J Killian J Killian May '18
I owned a 1969 for over 25 years and loved it  - virtually no grief and always made me look good.  I sold it and wish that ...
Eric Rush
Ok everyone.... here's you opportunity to show off your chariots. Let's see those Pipers!

Here's mine to get things started. A 1979 Archer II:



Eric Rush Apr '17

My Piper is a bit long in the tooth at 77 years old, but she still flies beautifully, as evidenced by this shot from the ...
Well, mine's not 77 years old, but it's nearing 50, so it was time for new paint. Just got it back from the shop 10 days ...
T-Arrow in it's original late 70's livery. 

Here is my Cherokee 140 she needs paint and some pannel updates but she is good flying honest little bird.    9e1dd561fa20a3fc8bfb94525424e842-huge-n4
Eric Rush
Here's a reminder to be extra vigilant when pre-fighting, especially when the birds are busy with building their nests in the spring time.
Here's what I found during pre-flight one morning! Took a peek inside the cowling after checking the oil and something caught my eye. Decided to look a ...
Eric Rush May '17
I dont know what's worst. Finding nest on your plane or see birds flying at 3000 ft. They are very common here during ...
I never realized what a hazard birds could be until a propstrike with a seagull at one of my favorite airports on ...
Kathy Mullins
Hello everyone...

Working on getting my CFI reinstated in a PA-28-151.  Great training plane and also a plane that is perfect for flying "just for the fun of it".  Would love to hear tips, thoughts and even just memories of your favorite Piper aircraft.  I have fond memories of my younger days, ...
Kathy Mullins Jun '17
Hey Kathy! 
Congratulations on getting your CFI recurrent. I have no tips or insights into flying PIpers except to ...
Edward Ungar
Has anyone been successful in solving the 6 seat vs 7 seat dilemma that prevents us Saratoga drivers from using basic med?

We have a 1980 Saratoga FG with 6 seats and the club seating arrangement. However the type certificate for the Saratoga specifies 7 seats as standard with 6 as optional. ...
Edward Ungar Jun '17
Hi Edward,
Unfortunately, it looks like all four variations of the 1980 Piper Saratoga would require the issuance ...
Thanks. That, unfortunately, confirms what we had suspected all along. So now the question is how to obtain an STC ...

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