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A place for those who fly Mooney aircraft to share and connect!

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John Hamilton 9
After flying the Mooney for over a year, I finally decided how best to utilize an iPad in concert with already sophisticated panel mounted avionics.  The dual stack of Garmin 650's connected with XM weather, and TIS-A traffic initially made using an iPad almost not necessary. I had a 12.9" iPad ...
John Hamilton Jan '18
That looks like a very neat setup. I use an Android with Avare for my charts and information. Really beats paper ...
Harlan Smith 3751
I have been flying Cessna's. Most recently I owned a Cardinal 177RG that I sold. Now looking for a good cross country machine that I can haul a couple passengers and cruise at 150 mph minimum. I live in California so getting over the mountains without circleing for altitude is important. I have ...
Harlan Smith Nov '17
Hello Harlan,

For your mission and budget, you might consider looking for an “F” model. The F has 10” of legroom ...
John Hamilton 9
The new Mooney Acclaim is on display at the AOPA Fly-In in Camarillo, CA this weekend, April 29.  It is an amazing airplane.  Stop by and check it out.
John Hamilton Apr '17
Here she is, in all her radiant beauty.  What a gorgeous airplane.  It looks so fast even sitting on the ramp.
John Hamilton 9

What is the one thing you never do when towing a Mooney?  A case study on how a simple software upgrade can go horribly wrong.

They cracked the nose gear truss trying to push it into the avionics hangar.


I figured it would be relatively harmless to have the guys at Signature Avionics do a simple ...

John Hamilton Feb '17
John Hamilton 9
My first time changing the oil in the Mooney.  Not as hard as I thought it might be.  Although it took 2 people to get the cowling off.  Luckily a friend, and fellow pilot / airplane owner was hanging around the airport and gave me a hand.  It's such an impressive sight to see that big engine sitting ...
John Hamilton Jul '17
David Hunter 9602
Has anyone around the Georgia/Alabama area had a Mooney painted lately. If you have can you post location, company and phone
David Hunter Apr '19
John Hamilton 9
I had just landed in Ocean City, NJ (26N).  Nothing like a Mooney with a beautiful sunset in the background.
If you have a favorite sunset pic, post it here.

John Hamilton Aug '17
John Hamilton 9
It's Mooney Monday...  Where did you fly today?  Unfortunately for me, my bird is stuck in Lancaster (KLNS) for annual with Henry Weber Aircraft.  I'm hoping they get it done soon.  Can't belive how much it hurts being grounded.  Help me live vicariously through your stories.  Please share.
John Hamilton May '17
John Hamilton 9
I recently installed Garmin's FlightStream 510 into my stacked pair of GTN 650s, and connected it with the Garmin Pilot app installed on my iPad.  Then I took a nice long cross country flight from Frederick, MD to Lakeland, FL for Sun n Fun.  Once safely in cruise flight, my co-pilot (Eric Rush) ...
John Hamilton May '17
John Hamilton 9
The inspector saw what looked like a hairline crack in the alternator casing while going over the engine during annual inspection.  When they removed the alternator a piece of the mounting flange literally fell off into his hand.  You can see where the broken piece was located, the broken piece ...
John Hamilton May '17

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