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A place for those who fly helicopters to share their experiences.  

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Leonard Guidry 1638
removed from a 2009 R44 and replaced with a IFD 540. New treat and teardrop antenna.  8-K. PM me for more details 

Leonard Guidry Aug '18
This unit is still for sale. If interested Em me at  and I will forward you the info and pic.
Loren Coburn 7701
Does anybody have experience doing this?  Are there any limitations with regard to importing and re-registering a foreign built experimental helicopter?  What is the best way to research component times on a specific helicopter?  Thanks.
Loren Coburn Aug '18
I know it's been a few months since you posted this, but my suggestion is find an experienced helicopter A&P or ...
Michael Hangartner 198
Hi everyone, and greetings from Frederick, MD!  As our group is beginning to grow, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where we can introduce ourselves.  I currently work at AOPA as a Research Analyst, and flying helicopters is by far my favorite pasttime.  I started taking lessons ...
My name is Mitch Seaborn, I live in Tampa, Florida. I learned to fly helicopters in the Army National Guard in 1980, I ...
I'm David Bennett. I live in Delaware now. I have some fixed wing ratings, but I got the Army National Guard to teach ...
Leonard Guidry 1638
Well Summer is here. Wanting to do some flying without the doors.
Can someone share their method for storing Bubble window doors.
Pictures are worth a thousand words and would be appreaciated 
Leonard Guidry Jul '17
Robert Ray 5394
Does anyone fly with Garmin' s G500 Txi ?We are purchasing the 7" PFD/MFD combo for a new MD530F we are having built. I need to know how sensitive the touch screen is with NOMEX gloves. And if anybody is using the GDU-485 knob controller for the system. If you have fixed wing folks who have it ...
Robert Ray Apr '18

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