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This group will be for high schools involved with the AOPA High School Aviation Initiative.
421 Aviation Way, Frederick, MD 21701, United States

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James Kuhl 30
What do you hope to gain from the High School Aviation Hangar group? 
James Kuhl Oct '17
I'm currently working on a feasibility study for the creation of an aviation learning center. I first started work ...
Bill Ervin 1910 Bill Ervin Jul '18
Hey William
I've had this discussion with Cindy and for AOPA its a complicated issue.  Their trying to provide ...
For Bill Rose - Here in Anderson IN, the Cupertino Aviation Club is working with a local Charter School to create a ...
Cindy Hasselbring 31
Hi Everyone!

For those of you who are teachers and teaching aviation courses at the high school level, can you share what certification you have that allows you to teach these courses in your state?  States all have different requirements and trying to gauge what the differences are.  Thanks!
Derek Rowe 1911 Derek Rowe Jan '18
In Tennessee an FAA instructor certificate, flight, ground or advanced ground or equivalent along with a minimum ...
We currently allow, Math, Science, Tech Ed, or Occupation Based meaning someone with avaition industry ...
Bill Ervin 1910 Bill Ervin Jan '18
Where are you at Mark?
Amy Gale 3840 Amy Gale Jan '18
UT requires teachers obtain a teaching license in 3 years through a program called alternate route to lice ...
Bill, Mark H is in Kentucky.
Cindy Hasselbring 31
Hello!  AOPA is inviting schools to apply to use its newly developed ninth grade aviation STEM curriculum for the 2018-19 school year.  This curriculum includes all materials a teacher needs for the year-lesson plans, PowerPoints, student assessments, student activities, etc.  The ninth ...
Jim Evans 6065 Jim Evans Apr '18
Hi, I have used my drone in Physics in several different ways. The First was to take it out on a windy day and have ...
Jim Evans 6065 Jim Evans Apr '18
Hi , Not sure if this is possible. But I just got a call from CESA 7 in wisconsin and they would like to offer an intro to ...
Hi Jim, thank you so much for your interest in the AOPA high school curriculum.  At this time, the curriculum is only ...
Cindy Hasselbring 31
Hello!  Are any of you aware of a high school that uses drones as part of a STEM class, like math or science?  If so, can you share more about how they use drones to teach the content?  Thanks!
Bill Ervin 1910 Bill Ervin Apr '18
Nancy and I have talked about it a little bit, but not sure if we have any active STEM classes outside of my Aerospace ...
David Newill 4693
I have been mentoring a HS senior who is ready to solo - only to find that he cannot get an FAA medical due to elementary school ADHD medications. This has lead me down the path to learn what I can about these medications and the FAA requirements to clear a person - no longer taking such, but having once ...
David Newill Jan '18
Thank you for sharing this and making this suggestion!  I will certainly talk to our medical team here and see what ...
Cindy Hasselbring 31
For those of you who use drones in your classrooms, can you please provide examples of what has worked for you?  How much are they and where did you buy them from?
Bill Ervin 1910 Bill Ervin Dec '17
I've used the small kit drone from the CAP AE program for free, the kits are actually sold by a company called Quad ...
That's great, Bill!  Good to know the one provided in the kit is helpful!  
I have used quite a few, the best ones are about a foot across.  They are slower than the micro drones so the kids can ...
That's great feedback, Nathan!  Thank you!  I'll share that with others who ask.
Nathan McAfee 1508
Check these out  
Nathan McAfee Dec '17
Rod Machado has a lot of great resources, thanks for sharing, Nathan!
Nathan McAfee 1508
When creating an assignment in Canvas select External Tool for submission type.  Then scroll down and select Turnitin as your tool.  It will have quite a few kids insisting that Shakespere went forweard in time and stole the content the kid just submitted before they finally admit they copied ...
Nathan McAfee Nov '17
Is in Does turnitin cost. Do teacher sign up?
No clue, it is part of our canvas.  I tried to search it on google and there was no mention of cost.
Carolyn Bitner-Collins 1503

Hi All


Since the school where I teach decided they weren’t going to use this program I have been lurking. And, I am jealous that I haven’t been able to join in. But, now I have a request for your help.


I have been asked to give a talk to a graduate level class about outreach techniques to get students ...

James Kuhl 30 James Kuhl Oct '17
Hi Carolyn. Your topic is remarkably similar to the topic I was going to post this week, so I will post it now, "What ...
I'm still working on getting to the Middle School Teachers in my school district to give a presentation for ...
I'm looking for help in doing a outreach for aviation program for this summer 2018 can anybody help me?

My name is ...
Derek Rowe 1911 Derek Rowe Oct '17
Email me at
I went to the Aerospace and Aviation Exposure at The Place on 22 October.
The Place is part of T. D. Jakes ...
Doug Adomatis 3714
Hello, I have convinced my administration to offer a first course in aviation/aerospace as an elective in the fall of 2018.  Students will be able to register for the course in the spring.  What are my next steps?  Before you say, "Come to the symposium on Monday!" I must tell you that I tried to ...
Doug Adomatis Nov '17
Hi Doug!  Thanks for reaching out to this group!  Many should have some good insights for you for how to get ...
Derek Rowe 1911 Derek Rowe Nov '17
Hey Doug, Derek here, Nashville Tennessee. I would be very happy to assist you with building a program. Email me at ...
Bill Ervin 1910 Bill Ervin Nov '17
Hi Doug,
I reached out on Linked-in.  Ask as many questions as you'd like!  We started our program last year here in ...
Hello Bill!  I have a lot of questions about the curriculum.  We have not committed to a specific curriculum yet.  ...
Bill Ervin 1910 Bill Ervin Nov '17
Hi Doug
Hope ya'll had a great Turkey Day break... My advice is to start small and dream big.  The great thing about ...

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