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Raul Salazar 537
Hello everyone

This is an interesting reading

It is a prosposal from the government from May 19, 2017
Thank you Brennan,
  You are quite the spokesperson for level headed thinking. Indeed language is everything, and ...
We don't have enough information as the linked document seems to be some type of a proposal.  I am one of the few ...
Wow!  This has some scary stuff proposed:  For example,

"(f) JURISDICTION.—Notwithstanding any other ...
And here is the company involved in trials, Dept 13

Brennan Callan 6567
Hi folks,
I have several questions as the REMOTE PILOT rating is so very new.

1. Are there specific REMOTE PILOT C.F.I's and if so, how did they earn their ratings as it is a new certificate?

2. Here in Louisville, KY; I found there is a fellow offering to put on Remote Pilot classes, but when I perform ...

I started looking for standards over a year ago and as far as training and operations, there basically is ...
Terry Jarrell 4586
Hi everyone,
A few months ago, I happened on a site which, if I remember correctly, was government based and provided a series of online modules to learn about different public safety topics with sUAS. I thought I had saved the bookmark, but you know how that goes...
I was wondering if anyone ...
Terry, et al.,
I am very much interested in taking a formal sUAS course.  If there is a FREE course, then I am more ...
Gary Mortimer 304

Congratulations to John Taylor, insurance lawyer and model aircraft enthusiast.

He took the FAA and Department of Justice to court over the 2015 model aircraft registration ruling and won!

To date, some 770,000 people have paid $5 to the FAA. Will refunds be forthcoming?

In 2012 Congress sort ...


I understand the decision, but moving forward how will hobbyists (not speaking of AMA members or those with ...
Brennan Callan 6567
I wanted to let you know that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has free webinars and some of them deal with the topic of REMOTE PILOTING and "small Unmanned Aerial Systems" (sUAS).

If you watch previous webinars (on-demand), ...
Brennan Callan 6567
Hi everyone,
I am happy to say that I took and prevailed to pass the REMOTE PILOT test on Saturday, 23 Feb 2019.

I encourage everyone to study hard because they often ask for the "best answer" even though none of the three sound like the "right answer."

Have all of you taken your test yet?  Are you just ...
Brennan Callan 6567
Greetings everyone,
my mom and I are studying the materials for the REMOTE PILOT, but I wanted to ask what everyone thinks of the formal programs and whether they are worth the money?  There is one course that is called and that is Jason in Florida who owns/runs ...
Kathleen Swain 29
Fellow Remote Pilots,

Last week, the FAA released the first set up UAS facility maps ( to streamline the Part 107 airspace authorization process for remote pilots. Granted the maps are informational only and do not grant ...
Gary Mortimer 304
It's the elephant in the room and firing a new trend, CUAS (Counter UAS), is the slow-burning trend of 2017. Expect some big news shortly in that arena. Until then catch up with what's going down. ​Kevin Finisterre talking at sUSB Expo 2017.


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