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A place where veterans can reach out to other veterans to share stories or to help out another veteran.

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Kevin Calhoun 7868
Where is everyone from?  I just joined the group and have not seen any recent discussions, so I decided to start one.  I served in the Marine Corps, mostly 29 Palms and was a 1812, Marine Corps Tank Crewman.  I am currently living in Middle Georgia.  

Kevin Calhoun 
Veteran USMC
Mike Marra here. Currently living in Carlisle, PA.
Retired USAF AC-130 aviator.  Currently a faculty instructor ...
Currently live in Houston. Currently still serving in Army Reserves. Got my private pilots certificate while ...
Live in Pennsylvania. Army vet
I'm currently in Virginia, originally from Michigan.  Still AD Navy, been helicopter maintenance for 27 years. ...
John Mcgonagill 463
I met this orgnization at OSH a few years ago.  Its a great organzation and does amazing things, with equally amazing results.  Ever since I have been trying to start a similar non-profit organization in Texas.  My goal is not just disabled Vets, but there so many others ...
John, instead of starting g your own non-profit I already have one that does exactly what you are wanting to do. We ...
Sounds good.  I would like to do something similar in Georgia and Florida. I think starting something from scratch ...
Hi Kevin, no I haven’t.  A million little things seem to drag this process down.  I think I’ve got a good business ...
Have you made any progress on this.  I think that it is a great idea.  There is so much potential in current and future ...
John Mcgonagill 463
After the USAF my wife and I built an RV-10. Just finished the 8th annual (condition inspection).  

Didn't happen to have a picture on my phone... This one is from a google search.
PC-12 is a great plane.  I have never flown one but it's sure does turn heads!  Got any pics?   
I retired from the Navy, but I wanted to get back to flying. I now fly the PC-12/47E. I Love that plane... I'm planning ...
Michael Fitzgerald 9397
Hey everyone, I just found your group and wanted to share. I’m a retired Army veteran, 100% disabled with a PPL. I am also the Vice President and Chief Development Officer of a veterans aviation based non-profit called Vets with Wings. We are located in Visalia, Ca but are looking for ambassador ...
John Mcgonagill 463
Any Veterans having problems in south Texas?  Sound off if you need the weather starts to clear maybe we could start assiting Veterans dealing with Harvey issues down there?  Just let us know.  If you have any ideas on how to help out, sound off also!

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