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Every flying club wants to buy a first airplane, or add an airplane to the club. How did your club manage that task? 
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Jamie Beckett
Sole ownership of aircraft is a goal for many pilots. It certainly was for me. But it took more than 20 years for me to make the transiton from dreamer to owner. My first airplane came to be as a bit of a fluke. I stumbled upon an old flyer posted to a bulletin board at my airport. The flyer was blocked by a ...
Jamie Beckett Aug '17
New to the Hangar and am seeing that it’s not very active (a year since your post), but I’ll be your first response... ...
Jamie Beckett
It can be daunting for the members of a new flying club to work through the process of buying that first airplane. But it can be done and has been done hundreds if not thousands of times. Often, the members will simply determine a budget (e.g.; $50,000) for their first airplane. Assuming 10 club ...
Jamie Beckett Jun '17

I also think finding individuals willing to purchase fractions of an aircraft a good way for a club to get past the ...

Hello William, yes, AOPA Finance has several different direct to club and leaseback financing options for flying ...
Peter Quattrociocchi
Our club is looking into adding another aircraft.  There are about 50 hanger queens at the field, so, we're trying to draft a proposal for an aircraft owner for the use of his aircraft.  The club would help pay expenses (insurance as a minimum) and get the aircraft flown.  Any clubs out there using ...
Your club is tapping into an excellent resource for acquiring an aircraft for a flying club. There are a ...
Thanks for your response Leslie:

I had contacted the FAA and never heard back so I assumed it was a nonissue for them, ...
Michael Simmons
I've received a number of inquiries from various forums about appraising aircraft and when to engage the appraiser.  As I wrote the response, I found it easier to put the explanation on my website.

I hope ...
Michael Simmons Oct '18

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