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North Texas Pilots of AOPA - discuss flying clubs, women in aviation, careers, instruction, etc.
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Bryan Kutcher 3489
Hello DFW Pilots!

Welcome to the D/FW Area Pilots Group and I hope you all are having a very great start to 2018!  I just wanted to say hello from Dallas and please feel free to post whatever is on your mind.  There's going to be a great community of knowledge here.  I thought the group would be a great ...
Bryan Kutcher Jan '18
Happy 2019 everyone and hope 2018 was an excellent flying year for ya'll!  What are your goals for 2019?  Seaplane ...
Bryan Kutcher 3489
Hello All,

With the spring/summer approaching, I am wondering who might be interested in organizing fly-ins every month, etc., and what day of the week might work best for everyone?  There are certainly some excellent $100 hamburgers in the area and it would be nice to meet those interested.  ...
Bryan Kutcher Mar '18
Hello All,

If you are looking for Winter/Spring fly-ins, please see the Facebook North Texas Aviators group and ...
David Van Trease 884
This is the first time I've lived this close to as active of airspace as here in DFW. I was wondering about landmarks and most likely freq's. I have the freq's used of course. But some ATC's prefer some freq's and their routes when flying thru their space. I'm not too familiar with landmarks. I did ...
Hi David,

Have you gotten your questions answered elsewhere?  I will say that there's an incredible user group ...
Cindy Hasselbring 31
Hello DFW area pilots!  
I'd like to share with you that AOPA is hosting its third annual high school aviation STEM symposium at the C.R. Smith Museum, in Fort Worth, TX on November 6 and 7.  This event is for high school teachers and administrators who are interested in or have a high school ...

I certainly hope this symposium was a great success!  I would like to know about DFW-area schools and ...
Bryan Kutcher 3489
Hello All,

Please feel free to monitor the Facebook group North Texas Aviators to stay 100% up-to-date on events, fly-ins, etc. that are going on around the area.  I will also do my best to post them here.  The Facebook group is immensely popular thanks to a few notable pilots who we cannot do this ...
Bryan Kutcher Dec '18

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