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Recent Questions Answered by AOPA Staff

Logan Summers 11453
If I filed a VFR flight plan do I also need VFR flight following?
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
A flight plan stays with flight service and is good to have but flight following can help you real time as you fly.
Wayne Cole 25188

It appears from the July 1, 2020 "Back To Basics"  that I will never fly again.  I had a stent placed in 2002, but in the ...

Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Wayne,
Below you will find a link to the AOPA web page that discusses reporting a stent placement to the FAA. You ...
Todd Heath 25150
Back in 2001 I wanted to learn to fly so I got a student license and medical. I never started training then shortly ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer

You would definitely have some hoops to jump through. FAA would still need to see records from the DUI.  ...
Victor Toce 13802

Dave Hirschman,

Great feature comparing the SR22 to the RV10. How about another one comparing SR22T, TTX, and ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Victor,

Sounds like an interesting idea for a comparison. If you wanted you can email Dave directly at ...
Andrew Kalat 20736
Hey gang,
Random weird question. Anyone know a way to find an Anchorage, AK sectional chart from 1972? I'm trying to ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Andrew,

I searched and searched, including going down a rabbit hole at the library of congress of really old ...