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Joshua Snow
I've found several references online to a program that provides free FAA written testing at military bases for ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Josh,

I agree with Ron, contacting the FAA for current information is a real good idea. I had never heard of this ...
Kevin Cortes
What minimum equipment is required for operating in Class "C" airspace?
Kevin Cortes Category Airspace Questions Feb '20
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
1. Two-way radio; and
2. Unless otherwise authorized by ATC, an operable radar beacon transponder with automatic ...
Jiri Marousek
How can I get WINGS credit for any ASI courses that I take?
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
You will automatically get credit by matching your email address with the one on file in the WINGs program.
Steven Smith
My 3rd class certificate (special issuance) will expire 08/2020.  I submitted my application in MedXpress and ...
Steven Smith Category Medical Questions Aug '20
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Your AME is correct. Your application is already with the FAA with your documentation so you're already in the ...
Raymond Parker
I have been engage with the FAA for 4 YEARS now waiting for my First Class Medical so I can make the career change I've ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Raymond

One thing I wanted to add to Bruce's comments. If the FAA is requesting "current" reports or testing, the ...