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Sherry Rosenkranz
I’m adding a helicopter rating to my Private Pilot certificate. My flight review is going to run out soon. Can I just ...
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Unfortunately, no. A flight review needs to be completed in an aircraft you’re rated in (FAR 61.56) ...
Joe Cabral
This might seem obvious but I just want to make sure... SSRI initial physician and psychiatrist reports are ...
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Hi Joe, generally they go off of the date that it was post marked to the FAA.  So, as long as you get it in the mail to the ...

Frederick Niles
I'm an experienced CFI and I have discussed this question with many other CFIs and we are split on the correct ...
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I could not find any Letters of Interpretation for this regulation, that cover this situation. My reading of the ...

Luke Fulton
A quick breakdown of my history, I took 10mg of Lexapro from April 18-2021 for mild generalized anxiety. The start ...
Luke Fulton Category Medical Questions May '22
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      For clarification purposes, not all pilot on a SSRI would be disqualifies for Basic Med. The regulation states ...

    Hoss At AOPA
    Calls concerning Aircraft Registration issues, both for initial applications and renewals, have been picking ...
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    Since the online forum doesn't like the pictures from my original post, here they are:

    Picture #1


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