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Camden Walters
My medical was deferred by my AME back in April and I am “patiently“ waiting for the FAA to issue its determination (I ...
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Hi Camden,

All the medical issue is doing is preventing you from acting as PIC. You can do exactly what you propose ...

Nathaniel Mader
The 2021 Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners states that, “An individual may be considered for an FAA ...
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Hi Nathaniel,

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. The FAA is concerned with those conditions that ...

Lee Perrin
So, I know the regulation says that the pilot needs to have oxygen if flying above 12,500 ft PA for more than 30 ...
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The regulations do not explicitly prohibit what you suggest doing, and I can find no legal interpretations ...

Thomas Braeunig
I have an expired CFI with Airplane Single And Multiengine, and Instrument Airplane ratings. Issued in 1977. In ...
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Hi Thomas,

The FAR that covers this question is FAR 61.199 . It covers the reinstatement requirements for CFIs with ...
    Brian Mccaffrey
    Are there any medical certification issues with bee sting allergies and being prescribed an epipen?
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    Hi Brian,

    The FAA will require a current status report in regard to the use of an epipen. This current status report ...