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Recent Questions Answered by AOPA Staff

Gregory Haley 12878
So, it is pretty much a hard and fast rule that I'll be restricted from insuring a retractable wing model airplane ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hello Greg and All,
Checked w/ AOPA's Insurance partner:
NO-- the 100 hours comment is NOT correct and often ...
Michael Walpole 937
Our flying club has experienced unprecedented growth in the last 2 years going from 6 active pilots and 9 members to ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Michael - sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your flying club.  I'd be pleased to chat about some ...
Ronald Monsen 6376
My third class medical is expiring this summer.  If I decide to switch to BasicMed I realize I need to take the online ...
Answered By AOPA
In order to operate under Basic Med, FAA requires you to receive a comprehensive medical examination from a ...
John Hamilton 9
What is "Special Use Airspace"?
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
1. Special use airspace (SUA) consists of that airspace wherein activities must be confined because of their ...
Adrienne Rosone 12797
what is the water bottle method for clearing clouds?
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
take a sealed, clear water bottle, about two-thirds full, and hold it sideways at arm’s length with the water line ...