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Lonzo Mc Laughlin
I've heard rumor of this, but now I wonder how broad it is.  I just got a $96 landing fee bill for Calgary ...
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Lonzo,

Typically you will have landing fees in Canada and fees for the use of ATC services. It's my understanding ...
Joseph Hood
Canada has just announced that the border is closed for all non essential traffic into Canada. Does this affect ...
Joseph Hood Category Airspace Questions Mar '20
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Joseph,

We are not aware of any restrictions of overflights through Canadian Airspace. Right now travel into ...
Stephen Lubard
My 3rd class medical request was sent tot he  stepsFAA by the AME due to a Melanoma with a 0.9 mm Breslow thickness the ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Stephen,

AOPA can perform an inquiry with the FAA as to the status of your application. I am sending you the ...
Andrew Kalat
Hey gang,
Random weird question. Anyone know a way to find an Anchorage, AK sectional chart from 1972? I'm trying to ...
Andrew Kalat Category Airspace Questions Jun '20
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Andrew,

I searched and searched, including going down a rabbit hole at the library of congress of really old ...
Andy Dimitriou
Does anyone know what year the FAA changed the way they depicted controlled airspace from 1200 to 700 feet? Here is ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Andy,

No luck on finding the information for you. Do you know when the example you used was printed? You can always ...