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Recent Questions Answered by AOPA Staff

Brad Dusenbery
I am planning a private airport on land I already own and want to know how others with their own how they set it up.  I ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Check-in with: for all things related to residential airports; also find ...
Philip Thompson
I went to my primary MD for a physical last week.  He completed Section 3 of FAA 8700-2 and signed the physician's ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Each box on the checklist does need to be checked. The CMEC is not officially complete until then. Section 68.5(b) ...
Kristen Betz

I am just re-starting my private pilot venture after a 10-year hiatus and I’ve hit a snag. I am currently ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Kristen,

For an individual such as yourself, who wants to fly for pleasure, I agree with Ronald and Bruce, if you ...
Darren Mc Keever
Going to attempt my first update of a GTN 750 in my Saratoga. Seems you need to update 6 individual parts: Nav Data, ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Darren,

Spoke with our mechanic and flight ops here, we use the update subscription service, and the fee you ...
Steven Smith
My 3rd class certificate (special issuance) will expire 08/2020.  I submitted my application in MedXpress and ...
Answered By AOPA
AOPA Staff Answer
Your AME is correct. Your application is already with the FAA with your documentation so you're already in the ...