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I have a couple 5 acre lots at SilverWest Estates located at the Custer County Colorado Airport (C08) for sale. Both are direct taxiway access. I have three lots and plan to continue to live there in my hangarhome. My plans for the other 2 lots changed and I no longer need them. I will sell one or both for $49,900 each. There is another lot adjacent to them where you could have a over 15 acres all together. That owner is asking $59,900 for his lot. You will see the elevation of the airport is 8290 msl but don't fret, you can actually fly up the valley from Walsenburg and never have to fly over any mountains if you don't want to. On the other hand, you can see 7 14ers from this airport. The nearest town is 10 mi to the North and is Westcliffe, CO. Email me with any questions or stop in to check it out.
550 Piper Circle
Westcliffe, CO 81252
United States
Real Estate
Land, Hangars, Residential
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