CALL SIGNS: Stories from the little known Army airplane community.

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Looking for something a little different to read? Try CALL SIGNS: Stories from the little known Army airplane community. Available on Amazon and Apple Books. Amazon: Apple Books: Five pilots. Fifteen stories. Army pilots tell "Their I was" stories from the 1980s until 2010. Flying behind the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Corridor, drug war missions in South America, staring down the North Koreans, flying in Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan and having presidents parachute out the back, these are stories are about the challenges and adventures only military flying can provide in airplanes that look nothing like their civilian counterparts. In this collection of true short stories from the U.S. Army's little-known, underappreciated airplane community, readers will get to know the pilots who did what was asked―and lived to tell their tales. Stories about the Cold War, combat, Korea, South America. These stories will both entertain and inform, all the while lending credence to the age old adage: "Truth is stranger than fiction."
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Steven Koenig
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