Bonanza 35 Partnership - Dallas, TX

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Update: We now have a 1966 V35 and are looking for one additional partner. The aircraft has a great CG (78.4), G430W, and GTX345. Plane has IO-520, large baggage door, brand new speed slope windshield, GAMIs, updated engine monitor. Plane is located at Redbird / Dallas Executive (RBD). Let me know if interested!
What are you hoping to accomplish?
I have a plane and I'm looking for a partner.
Cost/ Price Range
$75000 - $85,000
Aircraft Type
Single engine
5435 Saturn Drive
Dallas, TX 75237
United States
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Email Me
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Bryan Kutcher
Bryan Kutcher
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Date Added: Apr 8, 2018
Date Last Modified: Jan 25, 2019
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