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Raj Bhatia Raj Bhatia Aug '19
Been a pilot for over 20 Years and now having more fun than ever flying a tail-wheel Aviat Husky out of NY, after years of flying a Cirrus SR22 (WHICH I LOVE AS WELL!). I fly all over the Northeast and do many trips to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket , Vermont, Maine Virginia so you will see some truly beautiful country and fun flights. My kids are starting to get the bug and I'm excited to see them develop and learn!

When I’m not flying I am working on tackling the near unbelievable inefficiency in GA Aircraft utilization where the average pilot flies 3.3 hours per month, with their plane sitting on the ground nearly 96% of the time. I started to easily allow a pilot to post and share their plane with another experienced like-mined pilots - Think of it like an Airbnb for pilots. - Check it out and I would love your thoughts and help to get GA growing and costing less for all!

My youtube channel is