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Hi,  I'm Sid H,

Looking to buy an aircraft, have a single engine rating w/instrument ticket, 700 hrs in 172s, PA28 180s, PA32s.  
Would like a faster plane because I like to do cross country flight. Mostly fly solo, occasional passenger or two.  Usually fly once or twice a month.  Live in Baltimore, MD., Fly out of Middle River, MD.   Looking at a Mooney or Bonanza platform.  Please provide your thought.  Pros/Cons, etc, Love Flying!!!
Hello fellow aviators.  Seeking others advice and your ideas on when to make the switch to a new logbook.  I realize most would say when your current logbook has no more pages, but I'm curious for those times when you want to transition to a newer style logbook from a logbook originally produced in the early 70's.  I am using an old Jeppesen style (the small black one that some here would be intimately familiar with - the green-colored pages and never enough room to write ...