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HI I am 65 years old n very good shape now but I did have a heart attack 12  years ago. I also had AFib which was treated by ablation and had no recurrence. I have 55 hours  in a 172 from 30 years ago and I would like to resume my training and complete the private pilot ticket. I now have the time and resources to do so . My question is this Do you think it is worth the time and expense at this time in my life or am I just chasing an unattainable dream because of my age and medical history. Also- ...

John Mulvey posted new forum topic
May '21
I have early planning on a goal I set years ago; to fly my Mooney M20J from my home in eastern Maryland to the West Coast and back; out by Southern Route and back by Northern Route.  I need stops in Grand Canyon, Los Angelas area, San Francisco area, and Casper Wyoming.  I am seeking advice from those more experienced at these passages; I have been as far as Casper from here.  I plan to do this in the mid Spring so density altitude is better but it's warmer than Winter.  I am normally ...
When should I go for my medical?
I tried calling several general practitioners' offices, and most said they wouldn't do anything pertaining to the FAA.  I finally made an appointment with a doctor and showed up, but then the guy said they had a policy of not doing anything relating to aviation.  I showed him the instructions to the doctor and explained that I didn't need an AME, just a licensed physician.  Turns out he was a nurse practitioner and there was no licensed physician in the office that day ...
John Mulvey posted new forum topic
Jun '19
With all the talk about aopa going after high FBO fees, I'm puzzled as to why I don't see anything about Signature FBO at Logan Airport in Boston. This airport is much closer to my daughter's home, but the over $250 Landing fees prevent me from Landing there. I choose to fly into Beverly instead, which is more inconvenient, but far less expensive. Is aopa doing anything to try and make these fees more manageable, and make this public use airport more affordable for those of us ...