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I had my medical with a height of 74, I’m only 66.

it was filled wrong by the AME, is it possible to be corrected by the AME ? 

Gary Crump posted new forum topic
May '21
Hey all, just wanted to throw this out as many people are diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and are on anticoagulants.  The FAA is now accepting a fairly new procedure called WATCHMAN that deploys a small device to close the left atrial appendage (LAA), a tiny cubbyhole in the left atrium where blood can pool up and clot, increasing the risk of stroke.  Anticoagulants have their side effects, and WATCHMAN is an option for some candidates.  FAA is now reviewing cases ...
If you recall from a post back in September of 2020, I knew it would be a hell of a road to get a third class medical certificate, and so I opted to go the BasicMed route.  Thus far it's great.  I'm flying, I'm soloed, and I'm happy, but I'm thinking I might want to eventually try to get a new medical, possibly even a second class.  To be clear, I have no desire to be an airline pilot, and I'm way too old (41) to even consider starting down that road, but it would be nice to be able to fly ...
I just get my 3rd class medical certificate last month, recently FAA send me a regular letter and a certified mail (with same content) and said I need to reply them in 60 days with attached medication status sheet completed by my physician, the letter looks very serious, it states that my medical certificate could be revoked and denied and will refer the case to "legal enforcement action". The letter is questioning me I having history of diabetes mellitus which I don't, ...
I have a rusty pilot friend (over 20 years) who got a new 3rd Class medical in Dec 2019.  Since he was a on blood thinners for a while (stint placed in his leg) several years earlier, the FAA gave him a one year Special Issuance which expires April 2021.  I haven't seen his actual letter and not being the expert, I have advised him to contact AOPA Medical and talk to his AME.

It seems to me that because his SI or medical certificate was not revoked or suspended, just expired, that he ...
I've just received a Basic Med.  I also filled out a medxpress application because I may wish to fly through canada. 

If I don't go through with the 3rd class physical I understand the medxpress submission will be deleted in 30 days.  Otherwise it is retained permanently.  Would this affect my basic med or will my current 3rd class just expire as normal without affecting the 3rd class?
Good evening - I'm currently a Sport Pilot about to apply for a 3rd class medical (final objective is to fly under BasicMed).

Couple of things have me confused.
1) My condition requires me to 'provide all medical records as well as accident and incident records pertinent to my history'
My SI condition is under good control and has no history/ adverse issues, etc.  Do I need to get 30 years of medical records related to the condition I was diagnosed with as a child?  Or will the ...
I went to my primary MD for a physical last week.  He completed Section 3 of FAA 8700-2 and signed the physician's declaration.  I took the online course and printed the certificate.  However, I later noticed the MD had not checked items #19 and #20 on the checklist.

Next to #19 he wrote "No apparent defects, not objectively tested" and next to #20 he wrote "Appt at Ophthal" (because I told him I had my annual appointment scheduled for later in the week).  When I returned the ...
I was undiagnosed and off of medication for 17 years, and know I can complete any task thrown at me, but I got diagnosed last August and have been on meds since. They really help with school and I think I am going to get through school while on them then take a gap year to go off of my medication and get the testing done so I can get my certificate and begin the process of becoming a commercial pilot (my life long dream). Has anyone here gone through this process? or does anyone have any ...