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Hello, I am a Private Pilot and was 8 hours from my checkride for Instrument. 
on January 8, 2021, I got covid, which led to three pulmonary embolisms. My doctors have said I should be 100% recovered and off meds by May 11, 2021. 
My question, if anyone can help, is what are my reporting requirements, and when will I be allowed to fly. 
Without knowing the law, I am NOT flying, nor do I intend to until or unless I can answer the questions. To be honest, I'm afraid to ask the AME, ...
I had reverse shoulder replacement surgery in July of 2020.   After surgery I had a blood clot in my lower right leg below the knee.   I took a blood thinner for 3 months (coumadin).   After the three months of medication, an follow up ultrasound showed the blood clot had healed and no further medication or follow up was necessary.

Will I be able to get my 3 rd class medical renewed in August of 2021?   If not can a receive a Basic Medical

Gary V
Hello Everyone,
I'm seeking guidance and clarification on this whole SSRI process. I have read tons of material and documentation from the FAA website and countless forums, but none of them quite given me clear information.

Background: I am an Army Vet and full-time Army Reservists with 19 years of service, ERAU graduate, about to retire from the military, and want to transition careers to become a professional pilot. I deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005 during the climax of ...
I have cataracts developing and will need surgery before long. I've been researching the different types of lens implants and would really appreciate opinions and advice from fellow pilots with recent cataract surgery as to which type of lens implants work best for flying.
I want to laminate my first-class medical certificate so it doesn't get crumpled for any reason. Will this invalidate it? I've done some research online and there only seem to be provisions for laminating permanent certificates, of which the medical is a temporary certificate.
Long story short, I am about to lose my job, and I am in the process of starting my own company. I think this is a good time to obtain my commercial license since I have a little more time on my hands (flexibility is probably a better descriptor). I had given up on flying about 5 years ago, and decided to come back to it about a year and a half ago. When I went in for my 3rd class medical, I told the AME that I am on TRT, and as part of the therapy I take a small amount of anastrozole to keep ...
Other than 2 artificial knees and 2 stents I had put in about 15 years ago for blocked arteries, I'm in excellent health at 67.  I want to fulfil a life goal of getting my private pilots license but am worried the stents I had put in 15 years ago might be a problem.  If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it.  I'm currently doing ground school but don't want to throw money at flight training if there is no chance of getting my medical.  I never had any issues after the stents ...
Hey Everyone,

Hoping for some guidance and information based on your thoughts and prior experiences in regards to vision requirements for a medical first class. When I was a baby I had strabismus surgery(correction for an eye misalignment) with amblyopia(brain favors one eye over the other). I had it corrected, however my left eye was never able to fully reach perfect vision.

I currently have(corrected with contacts) 20/25 vision in my left eye, and 20/15 vision in my ...
I am a student pilot have not gone for my class 3 medical certificate yet. Do you know any of these meds will be an issue 
Tamsulosin 0.4 mg
Losartan 100mg
Rosuvastatin 20mg