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Hello, I am a Private Pilot and was 8 hours from my checkride for Instrument. 
on January 8, 2021, I got covid, which led to three pulmonary embolisms. My doctors have said I should be 100% recovered and off meds by May 11, 2021. 
My question, if anyone can help, is what are my reporting requirements, and when will I be allowed to fly. 
Without knowing the law, I am NOT flying, nor do I intend to until or unless I can answer the questions. To be honest, I'm afraid to ask the AME, ...

Hi. I'm just starting to look at working on getting my private pilot's license. One issue is that I have a cavernous hemangioma which I had read can cause issues. I sent an email to my friend with my history below and he passed it along to his medical examiner:

In March 2018 a cavernous hemangioma was found in my brain. It was discovered while doing a brain MRI (with and without contrast) to rule out any neurological causes of my eyes shaking. By the time I had the MRI I no longer ...

FAA just pushed out a press release on this. Full text of the NPRM can be found here . AOPA should have an article on this in the coming days, breaking down what exactly it means and our take on it. 




What is an acceptable level of CO in the cockpit. I have a CO experts Model PG-2017R that indicates exact ppm (parts per million) but I cannot find any information about what are acceptable levels and for what duration. OSHA indicates that no more than 50 ppm for a duration of 8 hours. I fly for much less than 8 hours and the highest reading I've gotten is 45 briefly. AOPA can provide no info on this question and suggested I find an aviation physiologist (any ideas about how I ...

The 2021 Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners states that, “An individual may be considered for an FAA authorization of a Special Issuance (SI) or Special Consideration (SC) of a Medical Certificate (Authorization) if…”, in addition to other things, "…the applicant DOES NOT have symptoms or history of: 

  • Psychosis
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Electro convulsive therapy
  • Treatment with multiple SSRIs concurrently
  • Multi-agent drug protocol use (prior use of other ...