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family member recently moved to Manhattan, near Empire State Building . Hoping to fly my Cessna  Turbo 210 IFR from Texas to KLOU to Airport conducive to visiting Manhattan. Open to renting car or using mass transit from airport. I'd stay a few days. I see KTEB, KCDW, KLDJ, and others. If best, I don't mind landing a little farther out & driving in . I've plenty of experience with Class B in Dallas & Houston, but I've never flown in the Northeast. Any advice re what airports in ...

Richard Stanley posted new forum topic
Dec '21

I am starting to plan my big trip circumnavigating South America and would love some input  from someone  that has done this trip before. 
Please send me any information that you wish to share  as well as your route.
Could you pm me with any information
In general we are planning to go down the west coast starting in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and back up the East coast through Surinam, the Caribbean Islands back to Florida
Thanks for sharing

Richard Stanley posted new forum topic
Dec '20
Good Afternoon
Merry Christmas

I have a vexing problem with my autopilot.
The plane is perfectly trimmed while hand flying
When I engage the autopilot in heading (or other) mode the plane maintains heading but the ring wing is slightly higher than when hand flying .
We confirmed that the turn coordinator is level in the plane.
Stec is closed so we can't call them
Does any one know if there are any tweaks in the "box" ?
Thanks for any guidance
I am planning a trip from the east coast to the west coast this summer in a PA-11. For various reasons, Gross weight limitations mean I will be flying solo. The PA-11 does not have an electrical system. I will have two handheld air radios and a garmin gpsmap 496 with siriusXM weather service on the garmin. I will have an iPad and iPhone both running foreflight basic. Will the iPad or iPhone be able to get updated weather inflight if I am flying about 3000 ft agl?

I will be using ...