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Hunter Handsfield posted new forum topic
Nov '19
Has anyone seen "Midway"? Horrible management and imagry on aviation. Nice CGI, realstic looking Zeros, SBDs, B25s, etc, but that's where it ends

I can sort of go along with some aspects necessary to attract movie audiences, but they overdid it. Dogfight in a winding canyon, like the Star Wars death star scenes; attacking aircraft wing tip to wing tip and 100' in front and behind one another; extreme desnity of tracers and AA detonations; low level Zeros flying at deck ...
Hunter Handsfield uploaded a file
Nov '19
Full flaps
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Hello everyone -- I'm a refugee from the "Red Board" and thought I'd introduce myself here.

I'll give "The Hangar" a shot and keep an open mind.

Folks from the Red Board probably know me.  For those that don't - I'm a longtime AOPA member, GA pilot and aircraft owner.  I'm also a professional pilot (I fly business jets), FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and CFI.  Finally, I'm a Lead Representative for the Teterboro (EA25) FAASTeam.  So for those of you in the Teterboro ...