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Jeff has been a member of AOPA for 25+ years.  He holds a private pilot license with instrument rating and has more than 1,800 hours flight time including 500+ hours in the Cirrus Perspective SR22 Turbo.  He has participated in airplane rentals, leasebacks, single ownership and several airplane co-ownerships.  For more than a half-decade, he has published articles about airplane operating costs and the value of shared ownership.  He’s a writer and speaker, and a contributing author to COPA Pilot, A Clear Solution to Icing, Special Safety Issue, April 2018. 

His current business helps GA pilots find, connect and share their passion for flying with like-minded aviators.  He supports AOPA’s belief that more pilots would fly if they knew the value of shared ownership.  During the prior 15 years, Jeff has held operational responsibilities in two early stage start-ups.

Jeff graduated from Samford University, Birmingham, AL with a B.S. in Business Administration and obtained a Masters from Xavier University, Cincinnati OH.  He completed additional accounting coursework at the University of Alabama Birmingham and has passed the licensed exam for Certified Public Accountants.