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We absolutely love  reading stories from pilots who recently completed their flight review after a long hiatus from flying. Just last week we heard from a pilot who attended a Rusty Pilots seminar in December 2016 - he was proud to report that he received his Flight Review endorsement on April 22, 2017 - after more than 10 years away from the cockpit! Are there any other pilots out there who have recently completed their flight review after a long break?
I live about 30 miles south west of NYC, presently fly out of 47N but I can't find a flight club that doesn't have 20+ people on their waiting list. I'm going to get my PPL in a month or less and want to make sure I have access to a plane that doesn't require an FBO. Most of my flights will be to Montreal, Toronto, and Tennessee to see family on a semi regular basis. I'd also like to gather type ratings as well as IFR rating once I build up enough time as a PPL to make it make sense... Anyone ...
Finally, I'm back in the air after 17 years. It feels great and only took 2.7 hours dual. I fulfilled a promise to my grandson that he'd be my first passenger. Now he's hooked.
I am looking for a mechanic near Greensboro in NC to work on my Cessna 177. 
We have a team of folks who would be eager to help you start a flying club. Flying clubs are one of the very best ways to save money while you fly more, enjoy great access to aircraft, and spend time with friends and family. Whether you’re brand new to flying or you’ve been a pilot for years, flying clubs have something for you.