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Hi am a Private Pilot currently working on my instrument rating. Am looking out for a study/fly buddy who is also a private pilot or commercial pilot, who is also working on his/her instrument rating, and to share/build cockpit time too. Thanks a lot. Dozie(Houston Texas)

I started instrument training many years ago but stopped midstream. I recently started it again from scratch. I recently got my logged actual/simulated instrument hours over the 40-hour minimum set forth in the CFR (which includes ten hours in previous sim training) for taking the checkride. I'm nowhere ready for a chexkride. My reading is that once that 40 hour threshold is met, as far as the regs are concerned, I can use an FAA-approved simulator for as much additional ...

Ignore for the moment airspace where ADS-B is required. I'd still optionally love to have it on my motorglider and shared sailplanes I fly. Especially with a little white summer haze and viewed head- or tail-on, we're basically invisible in an all-white modern glass ship. We can't hold altitudes specified by the hemispheric rules and seldom maintain a specific heading for long. I get it. Very-low power draw and light weight electronics make ADS-B installations on ...

Good Evening All,

I've been searching the web for quite awhile now and figured getting input from everyone here could certainly help.  Ill keep this brief. My medical was denied in early March. Prior to covid I was looking at a career change. I went to the AME and had reported being admitted to the hospital for a heart condition in Jul 2019. I was cleared of any heart issues and released, however some of my medical records do indicate alcohol abuse. I was drinking a lot at the ...

I hold commercial, instrument, multi-engine airplane certs and I am a helicopter flight instructor. Am I allowed to give Flight Reviews to fixed wing pilots as long as they are PIC?