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Hey everyone!

I searched through the forums here and didn't find anything recent, so I thought I'd ask to see what recommendations everyone has.  I'm looking to replace my existing tablet with a new one for Garmin Pilot. Trouble is, it appears in 2021, Apple/Samsung are only making these gigantic monstrosities of tablets. Currently I'm using a Samsung TAB S2 which measures 8" x 5.5" with a rugged hard case installed.  I usually mount it on the windscreen just forward of ...
Hello follow members. I'm new to this site as well as learning to fly. Having recently retired I'm moving forward on a dream I had little time for in my working life. Now, free of the day to day grind this old dog wants to learn a few new tricks. As of this point I have a grand total of 4 whole flight hours, impressive I know. I maybe wanting to move to quickly but I have been plowing the web for aircraft to buy. While I know generally you get what you pay for I still need to keep things ...
Hello. I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I was just wondering how one becomes a Sport Pilot. Since I have a passion for aviation and flying and eventually want to get my PPL. Though due to medication I am on for ADHD that is prohibited by the FAA I am currently eligible to get a PPL. My understanding of being a sport pilot is that I would be limited in hours of flight. Also, that does not require a medical certificate which is my biggest hurdle at this time. Any advice would be ...
Does anyone have experience of this?
A Piper Seneca has de-icing boot from one wing removed for repair, can it be safely flown in that condition on a positioning flight to another airport where a new de-icing boot will be fitted?
Would it be legal?
How would flying with one wing with a boot and the other without affect the handling characteristics?
Thanks in advance
If you recall from a post back in September of 2020, I knew it would be a hell of a road to get a third class medical certificate, and so I opted to go the BasicMed route.  Thus far it's great.  I'm flying, I'm soloed, and I'm happy, but I'm thinking I might want to eventually try to get a new medical, possibly even a second class.  To be clear, I have no desire to be an airline pilot, and I'm way too old (41) to even consider starting down that road, but it would be nice to be able to fly ...
AOPA’s Pilot Information Center receives regulations and privileges questions daily. Recently, a caller had two scenarios to discuss. By the way they were asked, I gathered these were just “what if’s?” and not an actual situation. However, they are interesting and after reviewing, if you have any evidence to point to, please respond and discuss or offer.

Student pilots have many specific endorsements an instructor can add to their logbook for any number of ...
I suffered from a week of headaches and was prescribed a generic version of Butalbital acetaminophen and caffeine back in 2017, I used it for a week not knowing it was banned by the FAA and my headaches went away, then I never used it again. My current first class medical expires in August 2021, and I am wondering if I need to disclose that I was prescribed this medicine as I am no longer taking it. Will I have to get a special issuance due to this?
I have an expired CFI with Airplane Single And Multiengine, and Instrument Airplane ratings. Issued in 1977.
In reading CFR Part 61, 5-502 it says:

5-502    REINSTATEMENT.  A holder of an expired flight instructor certificate issued after November 1, 1975, may have all ratings reinstated by accomplishing a flight instructor additional rating practical test. If appropriate, for an additional flight instructor rating, an aeronautical knowledge test may be ...

I am looking for ways to best manage hydration, i.e. drinking water, during long flights without pee stops.
Are there better ways to manage it apart from not drinking coffee before flights?
Thanks for your input.
After a lot of searching I can't believe how hard it has been to find an answer to what should be a simple question.  How do you conduct the annual ELT inspection and how do you log it.  According to 91.207, all I have to do is remove an access plate (permitted by Part 43, App A), and to comply with 91.207(d):
  1. verify proper installation
  2.  inspect for battery corrosion (and observe battery label for expiration)
  3. operate the controls and activate crash sensor (set to TX and set to ...