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We are getting ready to fly to the West Coast from MN. We'd like to cross in the Southern region, fly up the coast, and then fly back a northerly route. I can't discover a good way to find favored routes and altitudes. The one time I did this before, we studied the sectionals and tried threading our way through with predicted obstacles shown on Garmin Pilot. That was tedious though and certainly not an efficient way to plan. I am imagining that there should be a route selection ...
Who knows where U can get an older Bose headset worked on?

Eugene Mccabe posted new forum topic
Dec '19
This is not a question, I thought the info might be helpful to others.
I wanted a spare key for my 182S. There dis not seem to be an easy way to get one.
After a lot of searching this worked:
A key blank Ilco 1664
The local Ace store cut the key after I signed a waiver (in case it caused damage).
It is a perfect fit.