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HI I am 65 years old n very good shape now but I did have a heart attack 12  years ago. I also had AFib which was treated by ablation and had no recurrence. I have 55 hours  in a 172 from 30 years ago and I would like to resume my training and complete the private pilot ticket. I now have the time and resources to do so . My question is this Do you think it is worth the time and expense at this time in my life or am I just chasing an unattainable dream because of my age and medical history. Also- ...

Thomas Braeunig posted new forum topic
Oct '20
I have an expired CFI with Airplane Single And Multiengine, and Instrument Airplane ratings. Issued in 1977.
In reading CFR Part 61, 5-502 it says:

5-502    REINSTATEMENT.  A holder of an expired flight instructor certificate issued after November 1, 1975, may have all ratings reinstated by accomplishing a flight instructor additional rating practical test. If appropriate, for an additional flight instructor rating, an aeronautical knowledge test may be ...

Thomas Braeunig posted new forum topic
Sep '20
What is the definition of Maneuvering Speed?
Thomas Braeunig posted new forum topic
Aug '20
Is the wind direction reported by ATIS and AWOS/ASOS always reported in degrees from Magnetic North, and is the wind direction reported in METAR and TAF reports always in degrees from TRUE north?
For most of my flying career, I had thought that winds reported for a specific airport or terminal area were reported as magnetic directions, where winds aloft were always reported as true directions.