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My 3rd class certificate (special issuance) will expire 08/2020.  I submitted my application in MedXpress and went to my AME with all of the documentation requested by the FAA for a certificate renewal.  My AME told me  he had to defer my application to the FAA.  I decided to go with BasicMed and completed all of the requirements for BasicMed.  When I notified my AME that I had gone to BasicMed and would he withdraw my applicationto the FAA.  His response is "Your existing ...
Richard Palm posted new forum topic
Dec '19
According to the following discussion thread, the National Weather Service has discontinued the graphical version of the MOS ceiling and visibility forecasts.
I hope that AOPA can persuade NWS to bring them back, because a lot of pilots have been finding them useful. The available alternatives are much less effective at conveying the information, IMO.